Do we require Technology?


Reasons for Technology:┬áIt was invented to satisfy demand or. That’s the essence of it. For example, we required a method to connect faster and more effectively across huge distances instead of sending mail that can take months to travel from one place to the next. Therefore, humans invented the telephone to communicate with one another. […]

E-Learning and It’s Challenges


THE TERM E-LEARNING E-learning can be described as a program or learning experience that is offered electronically. It can include support for performance content. Many elements could be included in an e-learning course like live or pre-recorded lectures videos, quizzes, simulations, games, exercises, and other interactive elements. Be aware that you could also use the […]



To achieve academic excellence as a student, it is essential to go through the below article highlighting the top 10 tips to academic excellence: 1. Be aware of yourself. Learn when and where and the best way to absorb information when using your reading skills and apply it wisely. Do not put yourself in the […]

The History of Western Education in Nigeria

western education

In these posts, we will cover the history of western Education and what is eastern and western Education, including the difference between the two. The moment war broke out in the First World War, but little did Nigerians know that the outbreak and the conclusion in the conflict would mark an era of great hope […]

Mary Poole – Robert Smith’s Wife

Mary Poole

MARY POOLE SMITH | ROBERT SMITH THE CURE Mary Poole – Robert Smith’s Wife Mary Poole, who was once a model and nurse, attracted the interest of the media and public following her marriage to Robert Smith. Robert Smith is a well-known musician who has contributed to the music industry as a songwriter, singer-musician, musician, […]

More about Mike Anderson popular education consultant

MIKE ANDERSON: ABOUT Mike Anderson was a Responsive Classroom consultant and developer, and author. He has also presented at national conferences such as Learning and the Brain, ASCD, and NCTE. An Instructor Summer Literacy Institutes at The University of New Hampshire and a Presenter at the University of New Hampshire Professional Development and Training. Mike […]