Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Amazon Prime is a paid subscription that costs $139 for the year and $14.99 each month. Prime members can avail an assortment of benefits. However, one of the most popular benefits is the free one-day or two-day delivery on all items that are sold on Amazon. The company last year announced it has […]

Amazon Wins Trial Over Technology to Order Groceries With Alexa

Amazon Wins Trial Over Technology to Order Groceries With Alexa

Amazon Wins Trial Over Technology to Order Freshub claimed Amazon used patent-pending features to copy for placing orders. The dispute is resolved through voice command, and scanning is used to make orders. Inc. was awarded the case in a Texas trial. They were accused of using an Israeli company’s patent-pending “smart kitchen” creations to allow […]

Maslow’s Hierarchy

Maslow's Hierarchy

Maslow’s Hierarchy   Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist born in 1908 on the 1st of April located in Brooklyn, New York, who created the system of need-based hierarchy to explain human motivation. He is most renowned for: Hierarchy of requirements, The humanistic psychology pioneer who was the founder, Peak experiences, and Self-actualization. Maslow’s hierarchy is […]

What is Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition

What is Minecraft: Education Edition?   Minecraft Education Edition is designed to increase the engagement of students online. Here’s everything every teacher needs to know. Minecraft is a board game that involves creating blocks and taking on adventures. It tests the imagination of children and imagination. You can build anything with infinite resources when you […]

10 Best ways to use readworks in classroom


ReadWorks is an easy way for students to develop the foundation of their reading skills from primary school through high school. Many aspects make this online literacy platform beneficial; we’ve loved the ease of utilization (create classes, design assignments, track students’ progress, and more. ) and its price (free), and the wide selection of books that […]

Top 5 Contribution of Science & Technology in Education

technology in education

We are going to be discussing about the Contributions of Science and Technology in Education using Nigeria educational system as a case study. The Nigerian education system took its roots from the traditional approach that existed in the precolonial period. This era of education was indigenous, and conventional educational activities were performed in various vocations, […]

10 Best Ways To Promote Computational Thinking

Computational thinking

What is computational thinking? Computational thinking lets us solve a complicated issue, identify the problem and come up with possible solutions. We then communicate the keys in a manner that a computer, human or both can comprehend. Computational thinking as a practice Complex problems are those that, at first sight, we aren’t sure how to […]

The 4 Levels Of Learning Analytics

The 4 Levels Of Learning Analytics

Using data to drive learning outcomes isn’t a new concept. For as long as teachers have been giving students assessments, both students and teachers have used the evaluations and results (even if only loosely) to determine how to move forward. What needs to be reviewed more? What was covered/studied well? Learning analytics takes this concept […]

6 Things To Consider For Online STEM Learning

6 Things To Consider For Online STEM Learning

Taking about Stem Learning: From numerous White House grants to personal technology firms’ awareness programs, the drive is on to engage pupils in the critically important areas of mathematics, engineering, engineering, and math (STEM) livelihood opportunities. The requirement for well-educated students, particularly in the STEM areas, increases without any signs of slowing down. A most […]

Fake News: How to Protect Students

How to Protect Students From Fake News

Regrettably, Facebook isn’t called a credible source for information. The current epidemic of “fake news” has struck social networking websites incredibly challenging because these kinds of platforms have been set up to spread data at a record rate irrespective of content or source. For those raised in the info era, life without the web isn’t […]