How to Add Boarding Pass to Google Wallet

How to Add Boarding Pass to Google Wallet 2022

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Mobile wallets are an excellent software option and an alternative to carrying around a purse filled with documents. In this article we would be discussing about Google wallets and how to add boarding pass to google wallet

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay first offered an innovative way to use your phone to substitute physical copies of your credit/debit cards and pay using NFC.

But, as usually happens with technology, new requirements bring about innovation. Google Pay and Apple Pay have slowly expanded their mobile wallet applications to support public transportation and gift cards.

There are few emotions as that sudden sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize that you’ve lost your border’s pass. Thankfully, the instances of this feeling are decreasing and fewer as it’s so simple to get tickets to board with you digitally.

If you connect the accounts of your Google Pay and Gmail accounts, the boarding passes you have purchased always available on The Pay App. So let’s know how you can sync Gmail and Google Pay and how to add boarding pass to google wallet.

What is a Boarding Pass

Before we know how to add boarding pass to google wallet, let’s know what a Boarding pass is. A Boarding pass is a piece of paper that allows a passenger to take the plane. It provides information regarding flight time, boarding times, and seat assignments for the flight.

What is Google Pay or Google Wallet

Before we know how to add boarding pass to google wallet, let’s know what a Google Wallet is. Google wallet is a private and secure digital wallet that allows you instant access to credit tickets, passes, card keys, IDs or keys that you want to save on it.

Google Pay is how you conveniently pay for purchases online through apps, and when you pay with a tap anywhere, Google Pay is accepted.

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How to Sync Your Gmail and Google Pay Accounts

  1. Launch your Google Pay app on your Android device, and tap the three bars on the right.
  2. Select “Settings” on the dropdown menu.
  3. Select “General” by tapping the toggle under “Gmail imports” to enable it.
  4. Click “Connect with Gmail” at the bottom of the screen.

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How To add Boarding Pass to Google Wallet on Android

Below are steps on how to add boarding pass to google wallet: 

  1. Purchase your tickets through the airline’s app or website or app or website.
  2. After you’ve finished checking out After that, tap the Save for Google Pay button.
    • If you do not already have the Google Pay app installed, this button will take you to an online page on which you can complete it.

Use your ticket

  1. Start Google Pay.
  2. Open the Google Pay app.
  3. You can tap your profile photo on the right and click “Wallet.”
  4. Make sure you touch the lower part of the screen, then swipe upwards.
  5. Click the ticket.
  6. The Barcode, QR Code or the barcode on your smartphone so the attendant can scan it. If you’ve got multiple tickets, ensure that you show each barcode.

Include a Boarding Pass Along with An Image

This feature is essential because it is accessible on every Google Pixel smartphone with version 3 and higher. To include a boarding pass along with pictures, you will need to download Google Pay. Google Pay app on your phone and be connected to an internet connection.

  1. Access the email, app or web page with your tickets to board.
  2. Find your ticket to board. If it’s an email, you might need for you to download the .pdf.
    • Place the QR code or barcode onto your screen.
  3. Hold and press the power down and the Volume up buttons simultaneously for a few minutes. Learn how to take a screenshot.
  4. When you see that “Screenshot Saved” notification, Click “Add Google Pay. A browser will open to
  5. Click Save and then click view the boarding pass. Your boarding passes will be displayed on Google Pay. Google Pay app. It doesn’t require an internet connection to view the boarding passes you have saved.

Open a Boarding Pass with Google Assistant.

  1. If you’re using an Android phone, tap to hold Home or use the voice command “OK Google.”
  2. For example, make a statement such as “my flight” or “show me where I am.”

How Do You Google Pay Boarding Pass on IPhone or IPad?

1. Purchase your tickets on the airline’s site or app.

2. Check that you’ve downloaded the Google Pay app, then click “Save Google Pay” on the ticket. Google Pay” on the ticket.

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