Sell old coins
Sell old coins

How to sell old coins in international market (Updated guide)

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By selling your old coin collection can be highly advantageous in these times as there are plenty of people eager to purchase and keep items from the past, such as coins, for various reasons. Thanks to Internet users today, people can sell or purchase various items online, ranging from everyday items to collectables and artefacts.

Begin by researching the price of your old coins.

Remember the fact that your investment is an important asset. Only once you understand its true worth will you be able to appreciate how to best position your investment.

Sell old coin

Find your coins;

 Before you can sell old coins, you have to identify them as the coin you have. First, locate the denomination on the coin, after which you should note the date and mint marks. These two pieces of information should appear within the coins. They can be typed into a search engine to determine the type of coin you own.

Coin dealers and collectors might be able to assist as well. Take a clear photograph from both ends of your coin, and then send it to coin collectors groups on the internet if you cannot present the coin in person.

Pay attention to the condition of the coin;

 The condition of the coin can affect its value. Check each side of the coin. Do you see any signs of dirt or scratches? The more severe the damage, the more expensive you’ll gain for your money. Be sure to look for any errors in the printing process because they can boost the value. 

Coins are graded using an 80-point scale, with 0 beings “Poor” while 70 indicates “Mint Good.” Coins graded “Good” (or 6) are, in fact, very worn, and those that are rated “Fine” (or 12-15) show moderate damage. Don’t try cleaning the coins! Coins are historical artefacts, and collectors appreciate them as natural. Cleaning could harm the coins further.

Find out the value of the coin;

If you know the type of coin you own, it is possible to estimate its value. Numerous websites on the internet have a database of the current value of coins. Another alternative is to visit your local bookstore and buy the Official Red Book. It can be regarded as an official, complete guide to coin values. The coins are listed at wholesale prices. You might not receive the same amount when you sell individual coins.

Watch auctions and determine the value of your coin; More information on the value of your coin can be found by searching for recent auctions.

Find an appraiser to evaluate the value of your coin collection;

Appraisals are essential when selling precious coins or having a substantial collection. Check your local telephone directory or the internet to locate an experienced and reliable coin appraiser or dealer. They’ll evaluate every coin, confirm its authenticity, and tell you the value of each coin. You can check online reviews of other customers, or check with the Better Business Bureau to vet the appraiser’s credibility.


Group coins based on the value. Different buyers specialize in various types of coins. If you’re selling more than one coin at once, you should divide the coins into groups based on value. You can create groups that include medium, high, and low-value coins. The way you organize the coins is your choice The most efficient method to accomplish this is by the wholesale value.

What are the most popular coins in demand?

Gold and silver American Eagles continue to occupy the top spots on charts of the top sought-after coins. This is not just because the coins are scarce; they were also produced in the hundreds of thousands. Coins such as this are rare since the quantity available doesn’t meet collectors’ desirability.

Are there any popular ways to market your coins?

If you are looking to sell rare items in the U.K. at the highest possible price, these methods below have been tested and verified by the numismatic community.

Sell your coins to an online coin shop:

Whether they’re an online-only shop or have an actual store, Coin shops are happy to offer a deal to purchase your coins. They’re businesses but is not charitable organization – and will incorporate a substantial profits margin in their offers. They’re excellent for securing the sale quickly, but you should expect to pay 20-40 per cent less than the market value.

Shows for coins:

 Shows are hosted at numerous locations across the U.K. The events are well-loved by collectors and dealers alike, making them an ideal place to get together with numismatics enthusiasts. The selling of coins at coin shows could yield mixed results dealers do not be able to research your coins.

Coin dealers online: 

This is an excellent method to connect with people who buy coins, typically quickly and effectively. However, you must connect your coins to an individual dealer with similar preferences to maximize the return.

Auction sites online: 

Although sites like eBay allow you to reach an international audience, the costs for listing an item that requires reserve fees are high. If no reserve is put on the item, you risk losing only a tiny fraction of the actual value. Buyers might also be unwilling to pay more for an item they have not had to examine firsthand.

Coin dealers:

The best source of info Coin dealers are comparable to collectors because they specialize in a particular field of numismatics; as with all retail businesses, they’ll only offer the wholesale price or a discounted rate to enable them to sell your items at an income. They’ll assist you in securing the sale quickly; however, don’t expect to get the highest price.

Auction house: 

The auction houses can provide excellent visibility through live auctions that combine phone and online bidders in a race to win your money. They usually maintain a database of customers interested in the kind of items they offer. In Warwick & Warwick, we have an extensive database of dealers, coin collectors and numismatists from Europe, the U.K., Europe and around the globe.

An auction house charges an agent’s fee for placing an item for auction, which can be an amount that is fixed or an amount based on the amount sold. Warwick & Warwick Warwick & Warwick, we offer a 17.5 per cent commission plus VAT for sale through an auction of lots that are reserved with a minimum of 60% of the estimate with a total deduction of 21 per cent the price of the hammer. There is no charge for lofting, insurance and valuation, or transportation.

Despite taking into account commission, it’s usually possible to get a better yield through the sale of your coins during an auction since it allows you, as the seller, to pay less than the price that retails.

Private Treaty Sale: 

Selling coins at auction is a fantastic method to get a fair price. However, a private Treaty sale can eliminate the ambiguity of auction rooms and permit sellers to know exactly what they’ll be receiving. Since private treaty sales are not non-commissionable, They do not have to pay additional costs like transportation or insurance and seller’s fees.

Online selling of coins: the best practice checklist

Let’s review what we’ve learned about selling online coins using this helpful checklist:

  1. Concentrate upon American (U.S.) uncommon Coins. They are the most sought-after coins available on the market.
  2. Appraise your coins. This will ensure that buyers believe in you and will offer the best price.
  3. Make sure you have a PayPal account. A crucial tool for ensuring seamless payments.
  4. Find your place in the marketplace. Explore eBay, Amazon, and public auctions.
  5. Create your web page. Create a home for your customers and then sell it without commissions.
  6. Invest in good photos. Images of high quality will allow your potential buyers to look over your merchandise without the need to present your items in person.
  7. Write good descriptions. This will increase site traffic and encourage collectors to purchase from you rather than your competition.
  8. Free shipping is available. One of the most effective purchase drivers is available. Consider including the shipping cost onto the coin price and then ship it at no cost.
  9. Be patient. Selling rare items and treasures requires time since buyers require time to think about their purchases. Sales of coins are not taken without much thought, so make sure you budget an extra bit of decision making time.

The most reliable sites to sell your coins on the internet


They’re a place for you to sell your coins. not a retailer of coins or a pawnshop.

    • A 5% fee for selling the item, regardless of whether the item is sold for $100,000.00
    • Unlimited free listings
    • This is not a retailer of coins or a Pawnshop, which means they’re not trying to sell your coins to earn money.
    • Awarded to gold and silver coins, as well as bullion.


    • There is no auction capability (Coming soon) (Edit 12/22/2020: As of 12/22/2020, has implemented auction capability).
    • The new company, therefore the website is being redesigned.
    • A small user base (But it seems to be multiplying)

Heritage Auctions:

Heritage Auctions has fewer users than eBay, But, they’ve been in business since 1976 and are an auction house. They’ll charge you a 10% commission if your coins are sold. After 45 days from the auction ends, your paycheck for settlement will be sent to you. They Sell coins for cash or offer them for sale through a consignment auction.


eBay charges a scaling listing fee when your product is priced more than $0.99. The fee ranges from $0.25 up to $2.00 for every listing. In addition, there are additional charges for listings add-ons, like including more photos of your currency. They have Vast audience. Sell the item in an auction or at a predetermined price.


If you’re looking for a more involved experience and want someone else to market your coins on the internet, Apmex could be the perfect solution. The government won’t accept items under $1,000.00, so if you have some Silver Coins or a small gold coin, you’re not allowed to use them. Here, You don’t need to list the coins in an online store. They will not pay you until you’ve handed them your cash.

Contemporary Coin Mart:

When Apmex negotiates an amount with you before they even see your coins (Although you won’t be the money until they’ve received the coins), CCM doesn’t negotiate the price until after they’ve received your coins. This means that you have to give them your coins before they even know the amount they’ll pay for the coins. You’re betting that they will accurately and fairly determine your coins’ value. (Remember that they must sell your product to make a profit from it. The less they charge you, the more profit they earn). All sales under $3000 must be made payable by check, which can take more time.

Four things you should never be doing when selling coins!

Do not wash your old coin

  1. Do not wash the coins you own: You may be amazed to learn that washing coins will often decrease their value of the coin – don’t bother! Ask a numismatic specialist, and, if needed, they’ll wash the coin for you.
  2. Pay not enough attention to cost guides: You can easily miss-interpret price guides online, particularly about the standards used for grading.
  3. Please don’t attempt to sell your coins in magazines printed in print: Whilst numerous excellent numismatic publications are specialized, we wouldn’t recommend selling your coins through advertising in any of them. There are safer methods to realize the value of a coin.
  4. Don’t visit the pawnshop: Pawn shops and “cash for gold” stores may offer you cash initially; however, they’ll only ever pay just a tiny part of your currency’s value before they sell it to make a significant profit.

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