How to Use Tube Buddy Chrome Extension

How to Use Tube Buddy Chrome Extension (Detailed Guide)

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YouTube SEO is often overlooked. A strong SEO and quality videos can help you get more views for your YouTube videos. This extension, Tubebuddy Chrome, is an excellent tool for optimizing your video.

Tubebuddy makes it straightforward. Tubebuddy is a popular plugin among YouTube creators.

SEO is not something you need to know to do. Your video’s title, description, and tags must be paid attention to. You’ll get more views and reach if your videos are all SEO-optimized. This article will discuss tubebuddy and How to use tube buddy chrome extensions.

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a YouTube SEO tool and extension. It connects directly with your Youtube dashboard. It is easy to install on your browser. After you log in, your YouTube dashboard will be completely upgraded. You will find tons of new features. It is YouTube certified, so you can be sure it is 100% safe.

When you combine all of these tools with the hard work required in building a channel, you can dramatically increase your views and subscribers (and earnings!). I did it, and so can you. With TubeBuddy, the hard work becomes a little bit less, and that makes a huge difference.

Combining all these tools with the work involved in building a channel can significantly increase your views, subscribers, and earnings. It was possible for me, and you can too. TubeBuddy makes it easier to do the work you love, which can make a big difference.

Pros and Cons of TubeBuddy

Pros of TubeBuddy

  • YouTube Certified
  • Identifies keywords, tags, and targets
  • Get a 100% Free Version
  • 30-day free trial of the paid version
  • Use productivity tools to save time
  • Tools to analyze competitors
  • Forum and customer service excellent
  • 50% Discount on Pro Plan for Channels with Less Than 1000 Subscribers

Cons of TubeBuddy

  • Access the best tools with a paid plan

TubeBuddy: How do you use it?

TubeBuddy is easy to use. TubeBuddy is available for Chrome and Firefox. Once you have chosen the browser, install TubeBuddy.

Next, create an account and log in. After you have installed it, log in to YouTube, and you will see a completely different layout. It’s as simple as that!

What is the cost of TubeBuddy?

TubBuddy allows unlimited use of its mobile app to only paying customers. These are the details for each of its three tiers.

tube buddy chrome

TubeBuddy Extension is free and includes all the essential tools, which I love the best! The cost of different plans ranges from $9 to $49 per month. Bonus: TubeBuddy offers up to 50% discounts if your channel has fewer than 1000 subscribers. This makes it very affordable for those just starting. RisingStarBuddy plans are only $4.50 per month.

The free extension is excellent for those who are just starting a channel. Their paid plans provide even more functionality to help you grow faster.

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How to Get a TubeBuddy Account

To start you need a TubeBuddy account. There are different licenses you can choose. From free to paid options. The free Tubebuddy account already offers many great features. So I recommend starting there first. You can always upgrade to a paid account later if you want.

Click here to set up your Tube Buddy account now!.

Tube Buddy Chrome

Tube Buddy Chrome extension can be used to enhance your YouTube Video’s SEO. TubeBuddy can be installed on all internet browsers.

Tube Buddy Chrome

I use the Chrome browser. The TubeBuddy extension was installed. It works great on Chrome Browser. I have never had any problems with the Tube buddy extension.

What are the best TubeBuddy features?

After you have installed Tube Buddy Chrome or your browser and permitted it to collect your channel’s information, you can access the full functions. You can use the product to do video SEO, data & research, and bulk processing. Here are a few:

1. Keyword Explorer

YouTube is people’s most popular search engine for finding information and solutions for their problems. You can rank on YouTube search if you can identify the keywords that are worth targeting for your channel, depending on its authority and size. This will help you drive evergreen video views.

The Tag Explorer’s “keyword explorer” is a valuable tool that Tube Buddy Chrome offers.


A keyword can be entered, and you will get a specific score for your channel (Weighted) and an overall score based on search volume and competition (Unweighted). Here is the analysis of the keyword “how do I start a podcast?”

This tool is handy for planning videos for your YouTube channel.

2. Videolytics

Tube Buddy Chrome’s Videolytics panel is displayed on the right side of YouTube videos. It contains several valuable stats. It provides a summary of the video’s performance and the tags used.


To see the YouTube search results for the used tags, click the “Show Search Rankings” button.

The Videolytics panel shows you watch time, engagement, and other stats when watching videos on your channel.

This can be very useful for comparing your channel with other channels or competitors. Here is a comparison of the most-watched video and a random one from the T-Series channel.

You can also compare any video to the most popular channel or any other video on YouTube by clicking the button at the top of this panel.

3. Video A/B Tests

Tube Buddy Chrome allows you to test your video’s packaging. This includes your Thumbnail, title, and tags. These A/B tests can be instrumental because of the intense competition on the video platform.

The software can also find videos with low CTR to perform thumbnail tests. The Metadata test allows you to test multiple aspects simultaneously (thumbnail title, description, tags, and descriptions) and makes sense for videos that aren’t getting much traction.

This feature is a hallmark of the product, but it is only available at the highest price. TubeBuddy offers a 30-day free trial if you are interested in A/B testing.

4. Suggested Tags

Tube Buddy Chrome’s next video SEO feature I love is its Recommended tags. This feature will be available on your channel’s video edit screen (the section “Video details”) when you prepare it for publication.

This tool will suggest similar tags based on the tags that you have chosen for your video. Take a look at the feature in action. This is a short film that I posted on my YouTube channel.

Tube Buddy Chrome

You can sort the vast array of tags by relevance, keyword scores, search traffic, and more. You can explore all the parameters of tags but only use the most relevant to your video. Your watch time and ranking will drop if your search query doesn’t match what you try to find.

5. Productivity Suite

You can add cards, set end screens, respond to comments, and many other repetitive actions to YouTube videos. TubeBuddy provides a variety of productivity tools that can be used to handle these tedious tasks.

The automated best practices test that YouTube uses to verify you are following YouTube’s guidelines is done with the “Upload Checklist,” which appears right after uploading a video.


Tube Buddy Chrome’s end-screen template makes it easy to stay productive by using the same elements for all your video uploads. You can implement it by going to the page at the end of your video and checking the box in the screenshot.

TubeBuddy makes it easy to moderate comments if there are many. It is easy to organize comments by their sentiment or presence of profanity. You can also find questions and highlight those by Patreon supporters. You can use canned responses to reply — a collection of pre-written messages – to help you.

You can also schedule videos to be published later. To do this, you can “Sunset” videos – i.e., set their privacy to hidden or unlisted – at a specific time in the future. Then, remove your videos from playlists at a future time.

6. Bulk Processing

This feature saves your time and can help you make you money. The bulk processing feature can:

  1. Bulk change your descriptions, titles, or thumbnails
  2. Bulk change cards
  3. Bulk update end screens

Let’s say you have a video library of 100+ videos and you want to update the description to include a new product you’re offering, your new website, or a sponsorship you’re working with that gets you affiliate commissions. Across your entire video library, this could add up to a ton of traffic.

You could go to each video manually and change it one by one, or, you can use TubeBuddy’s bulk update descriptions tool. It’s super easy and saves you a ton of time, and has helped me also earn some money on the side!

7. Promotion Tools

Post-publishing your video can increase its visibility by promoting it on social networks, on your website, or adding it to your email signature. TubeBuddy provides “Promotional materials” that include direct links to your videos, its embed code, and links to your channel thumbnail, channel art, and channel art. You can access them by logging in to

Tubebuddy provided shortened links in the past, but Google discontinued this service. Analytics for these links are no longer available.

You can use the “share tracker” feature to share your videos across multiple social media platforms and publish YouTube videos directly on Facebook.

The Vid2Vid promotional feature is my favorite. It is accessible from the TubeBuddy menu under the “Promote” tab. This allows you to promote one of your videos within the description of all other videos. It’s easier to get more views of older videos or on older videos that are currently trending.

To use the feature, choose “Description Promotion.” This is where you will enter your message and indicate the position you would like it to appear in other descriptions.

Other Top Features

1. Comment Moderation

As your channel grows, this will become an essential time-saver tool when you get more and more comments. It helps you sort through comments, fast-reply using canned responses, and highlight comments from supporters or recent subscribers! I use it a ton! This is a must-use tool to help you engage with your community!

2. Publish to Facebook

Before TubeBuddy, I shared my YouTube videos to my Facebook page as links to increase traffic to YouTube. TubeBuddy allows me to upload directly to Facebook, which saves me a lot of time. I can now take advantage of Facebook’s autoplay feature to get many more views on Facebook.

3. Opportunity Finder

This tool will help you get more views on Google than on YouTube. It will suggest tags that you can add to increase your web-search traffic. Your videos will rank higher on Google once you have added the tags.

4. Auto Translator

This allows you to translate your video titles or descriptions into other languages. This will allow you to increase your global viewers!

5. Best Time to Publish

This one is a lifesaver. In the past, I would guess what time was best to publish on YouTube based on my current time zone and the geography of my followers.
Tube Buddy’s deep analytics allows me to determine the optimal upload time based on my audience. This can give you a boost and helps your videos get into the YouTube algorithm.

6. Competitor Scorecard

This allows you to compare your channel against other channels in terms of monthly views, uploads, subscribers, and engagement. You can also export this data to a CSV and dig deep into the information!

7. Health Report

This gives you a complete picture of how your channel is performing. This gives you an overview of what’s working and not for your channel. It gives you a quick overview of Analytics, Search Traffic, and Related Videos.

8. Social Monitor

Social Monitor lets you see where your videos are being shared and discussed. It scans Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest. It’s been a great help to me to see what people say about my Reddit videos. You don’t have to search each of these social networks for your videos manually, but you can quickly do it through Tube Buddy.

9. Upload Checklist

This is one of the most valuable features of Tube Buddy. It’s impossible to forget any steps in the upload process! You can check off nine best practices every time you upload a video!

10. Brand Alerts

Another Incredible Tube Buddy Feature! I Use It to Get Alerts About My Brand, with Tube Buddy Scanning Videos that Are Using My Brand Name in The Title, Description, or Tags. It’s a Great Tool to Monitor the General Feeling About Your Brand on You Tube. You Can Also Use It for Any Keyword You Like, Which Can Help You Keep an Eye on Your Competitors.

11. Thumbnail Generator

Tube Buddy has a fantastic tool to help you generate thumbnails for your uploads. The Thumbnails are an essential part of YouTube Seo. You will want to spend as much time as possible creating the perfect Thumbnail. Photoshop is the best, but it can be very complicated, so I recommend starting with The Thumbnail Maker!

12. Channel Valuation

This tool will help you determine how much to charge for brand deals! This tool connects to Social Blue Book. It then looks at your average traffic per video, monthly views, and total subscribers to determine how much to charge for a dedicated video or shoutout. It can also determine if your channel’s value is rising or falling.

13. Demonetisation Audit

The Demonetisation Audit is Essential for Me! It scans your Title, Keywords, and Tags and warns you if any of them are “sensitive” enough to trigger a demonetization. It’s not easy to upload a video and then find out that one of the words in your description or title was inappropriate. This means you’re losing your earnings for the most crucial time, right after upload! Even if YouTube approves the video and declares it appropriate, you still lose the initial earnings! These are words you wouldn’t guess!

14. Channelytics

Dive Deep Into Competitor Channels! Tube Buddy Channelytics allows you to compare your tags, monthly views, and more! All you need to do is visit any other channel and click the Channelytics tab!

How to Get Tube Buddy Chrome

Use the link above to Tube Buddy’s website and click the Install Button for Google Chrome button. You can also visit The Chrome Web Store and type in Tube Buddy Extension Chrome in Search.

Next, click on Download, followed by Install Tubebuddy Chrome. You can get the extension faster by clicking on the link above. The Chrome Extension Installation Is Very Simple and Quick.

5 Benefits of Knowing How to Use Tubebuddy Extension

1. Take a look at the competition and find the best tags.

Tubebuddy chrome extension is installed, and it will work on all videos that you view on YouTube.

You can view the stats for each video you play.

It shows you the tags used in the video and the position in which the footage ranks within each tag.

What can you do with this information to your advantage?

Look at the top YouTube creators within your niche to see which tags they use.

These tags can be added to your video. Your niche must match the one in your video. Otherwise, the tags won’t be relevant to your video and won’t help you.

2. Channel Analytics

Your channel’s main page shows you the entire channel’s analytics. You don’t need to go to another page to see the stats.

It displays stats like total views, number of videos, views within the last 30 days, keywords used in the channel, and so on.

This applies to your channel and any other YouTube channel you visit.

3. Get reminded about the best practices

Each video will also include best practices. Each practice will have a tick or cross. This will help you remember what you missed.

Examples are high-resolution thumbnails, an end screen, information cards, etc.

4. Publish to Facebook from the dashboard, as a Facebook video and not a reshared YouTube video link

To use this feature, connect your Facebook account. You can also publish your video to Facebook right from your YouTube account.

This will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of native Facebook videos, such as auto-playing directly on Facebook.

5. Choose the right time to publish your video.

Consider your audience online when publishing a video.

You don’t need to think so hard.

Tubebuddy will recommend the best time to publish your video to maximize views and reach more people.

Installing Tube Buddy Chrome

Click Add to Chrome and confirm the installation in a window that appears. To confirm, click ‘Add Extension’ and wait for the process to complete. Restart Google Chrome.

Open YouTube after restarting Google Chrome. You should now see the Tube Buddy Chrome menu in the upper right corner of your YouTube Channel.

Tube Buddy Extension Menu

After installation, go to YouTube and find the two buddies drop-down menu. Here you will find our toolbox to assist you in your YouTube channel. This is the extensive menu for Chrome:

  • Dashboard
  • Videos | Live Streams
  • Playlists
  • Comment
  • Analytics
  • Realtime

Tube Buddy Chrome extension tools:

  • Keyword Explorer
  • SEO Studio
  • Video Topic Planner
  • Tag List
  • The Best Time to Publish

Website Tools:

  • My Account
  • Community
  • Support

Frequently Asked Question About Tube Buddy Chrome

1. Does Tube Buddy Come with Any Member Perks?

Yes! Yes! There are many options, but I love the Epidemic sound music library at 25% off (no need to worry about copyright strikes). The epidemic Sound music library is essential for your channel. There are many other perks, too. Check them out!

These tools are often free or very cheap! The different music libraries are my favorite perks. Other TubeBuddy perks include reduced access to AudioHero and JukeDeck, discounted editing software, YouTube captioning, and even discounted pricing for JukeDeck!

2. Is Tube Buddy Safe

TubeBuddy is 100% safe to use. TubeBuddy and Tube Buddy Chrome is a 100% YouTube-certified extension and has helped thousands of YouTubers increase their channel’s reach since 2014.

It has been my favorite extension for more than four years with no issues or complaints. It’s also used by all my YouTuber friends, who can all vouch that it helps us grow.

3. Is Tube Buddy Worth It

Yes! Tube Buddy Chrome is definitely worth the effort! TubeBuddy helped me grow 1M subscribers in just 1.5 years! TubeBuddy helped me understand the best content on YouTube. I worked hard.

TubeBuddy is what I wish I had. I felt like I was just trying to shoot in the dark, hoping my videos would be successful. TubeBuddy helped me to understand YouTube SEO and become a better content creator. It’s my favorite YouTube growth hack.

4. How Many Channels Can You Have per License

TubeBuddy’s only drawback is the limitation of one channel per license. Tube Buddy Chrome is still a great value, especially when your channel grows!

It’s not too bad to get the TubeBuddy discount if you have less than 1000 subscribers. There are also discounts if you order multiple channels at once.

5. Is Tube Buddy or Vid Iq Better

Both are great, but I prefer TubeBuddy to VidIQ. TubeBuddy is the only natural alternative. Both are excellent products with their strengths and weaknesses. But, if I had to pick one, it would probably be TubeBuddy.

6. What to Do when Tube Buddy Is Not Showing up In Your Chrome Browser

Try disabling any other extensions and refreshing YouTube to see if TubeBuddy appears. You can add them one by one (and refresh YouTube) until TubeBuddy stops showing up. Then you will be able to identify the plugin causing the problem.

7. What’s the best TubeBuddy plan for me?

If I were just starting, I would choose the Pro Plan. You can get it for $9/month or $4.50/month if your subscribers are less than 1000. You get all the major features but some limitations. You can accelerate your growth by choosing the Pro Plan. The Legend Plan is available when you have enough revenue to support it.


Tube Buddy Chrome is the #1 Rated Chrome Extension for YouTube Creators. YouTube optimization and channel management have never been easier. Over 4 million creators and brands trust this browser extension. Our browser extension is integrated directly into YouTube, allowing you to manage your channel easily. For more detailed analysis and research, visit our Web Tools.

Tube Buddy Chrome’s Productivity Tools will set you up for success and guide you through YouTube’s Best Practices. Bulk Processing Tools make it easy to manage your channel and allow you to get back on the job of creating. Video SEO Tools improve the search rankings of your videos by optimizing tags, titles, descriptions, and other details. Promotion Tools make it easy to get your videos noticed across different platforms. Data & Research Tools allow you to test, tweak, optimize, and optimize your channel growth strategy.

Tube Buddy Chrome is a great tool that you should try. TubeBuddy is my primary tool to manage the backend for my YouTube channel. It’s been a lifesaver when I need to manage my time and optimize my channel.

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