We are all familiar with the trend of online discount
and voucher websites, which at their essence are
‘aggregators’, using their substantial buying power to
drive down the costs of thousands of goods and
 services. In turn they pass on some of those savings to the public and make a margin for themselves in the process.

We have an exclusive deal with the top aggregators for products for international students. Our International Student Deals has over 200,000 electronic products, lots of discounts off experiences and exclusive deals on things such as mobile phone contracts and gadget insurance unique for you as an international student.

We work with all the major brands in the UK to get you the best discounts and offers on products and services that you will need when coming to the UK to study.

Our store also includes the following features –

  • Course Selection
  • UK Student Adviser
  • UK Study Map
  • Electronics / Telecom deals
  • Contents & Travel Insurance deals
  • Travel around UK deals
  • Discount Vouchers (Concerts/Music Festivals/Clubs etc)
  • Accommodation Starter Kits
  • Local and On-Line Jobs Boards