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Mary Poole

Mary Poole – Robert Smith’s Wife

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Mary Poole – Robert Smith’s Wife

Mary Poole, who was once a model and nurse, attracted the interest of the media and public following her marriage to Robert Smith. Robert Smith is a well-known musician who has contributed to the music industry as a songwriter, singer-musician, musician, and producer of records.

3rd October 1958 (age 62 years old), she was born to this world, whereas her home country was the United States. Before her appearance in the spotlight, Poole was away from the camera’s sensor.

Mary Poole Biography.

Mary Poole
Mary Poole

Married to Robert Smith

Mary Poole walked down the aisle along with Robert Smith. They met while they were students at the St. Wilfrid School. At the time, and both were just 14 years old. They became close friends as they were in the drama class.

In the following years, their friendship transformed to love once they had completed their schooling. On 13th August 1988 in Worth Abbey, Mary was married. It has been over three years. Robert has also committed one of his songs named ” Love Song” to Mary.

Mary Poole’s wedding photo with her husband, Robert Smith. Photo Source: Pinterest

What is the reason Poole and Smith didn’t have children?

After 33 years of being married, the couple has never had a child during their marriage. The reason is that before marriage, they made the decision together not to have children.

Smith was interviewed. Smith declared that he was against having children since he does not simply object to being born but isn’t willing to dictate life to an individual. Smith also said he “does not consider himself sufficient responsibility to let a child enter the world. However, the couple does have 25 nieces and nephews.

Husband’s Music Career

Her husband, Robert Smith, is a famous musician in the world of music. He has been in the field since 1972 as a musician, singer writer, songwriter, and record engineer. The musician’s career began at 14, and his brother founded”the ” Crawley Goat Band.” Following that, his professional career took the direction of co-founding ” The Crawley Observer” band in 1976.

Also, she worked with numerous groups and artists like ” Siouxie and the Banshees,” ” The Glove,” ” The Stranglers and Associates,” and numerous others. They have released a variety of albums and tracks like ” Fire in Cairo,” ” Just Like Heaven,” ” Strange Timez,” and more.

Robert Smith, with his rock group ” The Cure,” members. Source of Image: Getty Image

Net Worth and Source of Income

Poole is estimated to have a net worth of $300k that she made by working as a nurse. She worked as a nurse for the disabled and children with special needs.

Before it, Mary was served as a model and later changed professions. In those days, she and her husband were both struggling; however, when Smith gained fame, Poole left her career and is now enjoying her life with her husband’s net worth.


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