Insight on Tesla Phone 2022 Review

Must Read: Insight on Tesla Phone 2022 Review

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Tesla, the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, is said to be developing a futuristic smartphone, possibly called Model Pi.

Despite numerous industry leaks and speculations, the Texas-based firm keeps a low profile about the device it claims to have. The company hasn’t confirmed its production plans at this time and has kept its product development under wraps.

Tesla shut down their public relations team in October 2020 and relies on social media — primarily Twitter for new announcements.

The billionaire chief executive of the company Elon Musk, who has 78.2 million followers on Twitter, has made numerous company announcements via Twitter, a social network. In this piece, we’ll discuss everything known about the Tesla phone.

What Is the Tesla Phone?

Insight on Tesla Phone 2022 Review

Let’s get the facts regarding this Tesla phone. There’s currently no official statement from Tesla regarding the possibility of a phone. But, according to the rumor mill, it’s a fact that the Pi phone will be coming. The phone even comes with a title: “the” Pi phone.

We’re ready for a trip if this phone is as innovative as their cars. It fits into their business plan. The most exciting thing to consider is the case if they stick to their production and design process. If so, it will impact the cost of this Pi phone. However, the market for smartphones is a highly competitive and crowded space. Apple and Samsung will not quit without fighting.

Returning to the gossip kitchen, there is a rumor that the phone could have a front camera. We could be looking at an image resolution of 40 megapixels. The coating might also be distinctive. It’s believed to change color. There’s even talk about solar-powered charging. It’s possible that the Tesla Pi phone could be able to connect with automobiles. This is one of the most intriguing aspects. Below is an image of what the car-integrated smartphone might look like.


The Tesla Phone’s Features

The phone is believed to feature a sleek design that measures 156.8 x 72.1 x 7.6 and weighs around 202 grams. Tesla Pi will feature a 6.7 inch 120hz OLED display, and the battery will be 5000mAh. The phone will feature 8GB of RAM, 512GB storage, and three cameras.

What’s different from these standard specifications is the processing. Tesla will use their custom chip known as”the Tesla processor. Like how Tesla creates and produces most automotive parts, which allows the company to consider pricing and quality, this should be the case with their smartphones.

Rumors have suggested that Tesla incorporate solar cells inside the phone to allow charging without electricity. With the company’s green image, this may be accurate. Starlink is a satellite-based internet service SpaceX provides that will be compatible with the Model Pi smartphone. Let’s now get to the thrilling part!

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When Will Tesla Phones Come Out?

Insight on Tesla Phone 2022 Review

We’ll use Musk’s tweet as proof these rumors are just a figment of imagination. Although Tesla might still launch phones shortly, there’s absolutely nothing to suggest that it will be a reality based on the information we have at present.

If (that’s an enormous If) the phone is being developed in secret and each speculation is true, There’s a slim chance that we’ll be able to see it until 2024.

Established brands such as Apple and Samsung are among the top players in this market. Allowing Tesla to succeed in this space will require an excellent product. These products require time to build.

If Tesla engineers, designers, and developers are working on a smartphone, they’ll spend a lot of time. The extensive testing process is a part of the process. Therefore, take your time.

How and Where to Buy a Tesla Phone?

Tesla has a long history of releasing innovative yet still on-brand items like the Cybertruck-inspired electric vehicle designed to appeal to children, an umbrella with its logo engraved on it, and a stainless steel whistle. The addition of a smartphone to the mix isn’t as surprising. However, its announcement isn’t as plausible as the other items or at least not at this point.

There are several principal reasons why we’re not sure if this phone is due for an actual release.

  • Most of the rumors originate from a 2021-early YouTube video by ADR studio design; however, they state that those are the creator’s concepts but not leaks or information from Tesla. The majority of the reports we’ve read are based on the source.
  • The rumors are believed to stem from a concept film produced by ADR Studio Design in early 2021. It’s unclear how the project developed from the original vision of De Rosa, the majority of which is Sci-Fi and speculation that the Tesla Pi Phone will be available in the next few weeks. Tesla Pi Phone could arrive in a matter of weeks.
  • It is also impossible that the device will go on sale in the coming year without Tesla or a manufacturer giving out the possibility of a leak. Musk himself has utterly denied plans for smartphones as early as 2020. However, it’s not uncommon for Elon Musk to alter his decision. If the phone is launched, we’d be able to purchase the phones from the major retailers. But, it’s also possible that the phone will be released in a limited amount. In this scenario, it could be necessary to place an order for the phone before its release, similar to booking the Tesla car on Tesla’s website of official Tesla website.


It seems Tesla will launch a smartphone, according to the reports. The phone’s name is the Pi phone. There is also speculation that the device will operate on Android. The phone is also expected to connect to Starlink. This lets you check your crypto charts during the next trip to Mars. Keep an eye on Part 2 of our Part 2 article on the Pi phone.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Will a Tesla Phone Use Neuralink?

Elon Musk established Neuralink to develop technology to help patients suffering from severe brain disorders and boost human activity shortly. The company is currently developing Neuralink, the Neuralink chip, an implantable interface for the brain (BMI) that will stimulate and record the brain activity of individuals. We aren’t sure what time the Neuralink device is available because the FDA has not yet approved the tests on humans for the device.

Neuralink is an attempt to connect computers with the brain, a notion that’s currently science fiction. Integrating this technology into smartphones would surely be a significant leap forward. Not only in the industry of smartphones as well, but it could also be a revolution in everyday life. Imagine your phone getting signals sent by your brain! It could completely change our lives.

The unreleased version of the technology on any mobile device by using the Neuralink app. Seeing it on the market here makes sense because Musk is the owner of Neuralink. The technology is not FDA-approved and isn’t accessible. If one of the objectives of technology that connects the brain, such as Neuralink, is to eliminate the use of phones, it is not a good idea to work on one.

It’s more rational to introduce a less tame Tesla device first. We’ll need to wait a couple of years more to see if Tesla holds off the release of the handset until implantable brain-machine interfaces become available. Because the primary goal of Neuralink is to help those who are paralyzed, it’ll take longer for it to be accessible on this Tesla phone. Neuralink is still a far way off from creating consumer-grade brain-machine interface devices.

2. Does the Tesla Phone Use Starlink?

It’s part of expectation to expect that it is expected that the Pi phone will utilize Starlink. Therefore, the phone will have an antenna. At the moment, Starlink is available in 36 countries. For instance, the USA, Canada, the UK, Canada, and certain critical European countries.

It would also bypass existing cell phone networks. The companies that operate the cell networks could be handed an advantage in the end. Starlink V2 has been designed to target mobile phones. This is another indicator of how the Pi phone is on the way. The pi phone is coming soon. Additionally, Starlink allows you to use your Pi phone to communicate with Mars.

That is, at the very least, in theory. First of all, humanity must reach Mars. Additionally, there are a lot of storms that can block receiving signals from the planet. However, if we reach Mars, we’ll surely solve reception issues. Being aware of how Elon Musk favors Crypto, we’ll be looking forward to looking at the charts of Mars.

3. Will the Tesla Phone Be Android?

That’s entirely possible. It’s because the Tesla OS is running Linux, as does Android. It is likely to be the case that Tesla’s Tesla phone will come with the Android version. There is even speculation that Tesla might use an Android 12 operating system.

The release date will be, at the very least, around 2023. We want to see them release the most recent and up-to-date Android version.

4. Can a Tesla Phone Mine Crypto?

It’s not a fact. It is a fact that Elon Musk is a substantial crypto-friendly advocate. Elon Musk has previously spoken out about his support of Bitcoin and Dogecoin. It is, therefore, logical to suppose that he will be looking to include the ability to mine cryptocurrency in phones. Rumors suggest the Tesla Pi will be able to mine cryptocurrency.

The process of crypto mining is through which you can earn new cryptocurrency by solving any mathematical equations created in the networks. Mining takes a lot in computing capacity. Although mining cryptocurrency with smartphones is technically possible, it’s not usually profitable.

Thus, the theory could be the possibility that Tesla Pi would mine a new cryptocurrency known as MarsCoin (a name that Musk has tweeted before). Though unlikely, it might be able to make BTC as well as DOGE, which is Musk’s most-loved coin. It could also create mobile payment and digital wallet services such as Samsung Pay or Apple Pay. Samsung Pay, but with the option of a cryptocurrency touch. It is also possible for it is possible that the Tesla Model Pi phone could include cryptocurrency debit cards or other services such as lightning.

We do not have official information currently and cannot speculate about how Elon intends to integrate Crypto into its Tesla Mobile.

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