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Must Read: Rank Tracker Review 2022

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Website traffic is among the essential functions any brand needs to care about. That’s because it examines how helpful the page is and how mindful viewers or potential clients are of the website. That’s where our rank tracker review comes in.

A straightforward way to increase traffic is by utilizing tools like a SERP tracker tool or online search engine that can easily carry out competitor analysis, track keywords or do keyword research, evaluate the competition and track search engine ranks.

Rank Tracker is a top-site keyword rank checker (SERP Tracker) to keep you updated with the most recent changes in your website’s rankings.

It’s an all-in-one platform for efficient SEO companies & SEO professionals. They utilize world-class accurate data sources to improve search engine rankings. Our rank tracker review will discuss everything you require to know about Rank Tracker.

First on our rank tracker reviews is knowing what Rank tracker is,

What Is Rank Tracker

First on our rank tracker review is knowing what Rank tracker is, Rank tracker is an online SEO rank tracking software created to help users track the rankings of their websites within the online search engine results page.

Rank tracker isn’t simply a SEO ranking tool either, as this tool includes functions such as a keyword finder, SERP checker, Web audit and more.

Rank tracker is among the leading tools within the industry, providing reputable data for its clients and routinely updating its service based on user feedback.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Rank Tracker

The next step on our rank tracker review is knowing the Benefits and Drawbacks of Rank Tracker. 


  • Arrange Keyword tasks to run immediately on a selected date and get informed of changes via email.
  • Track unrestricted keyword tracking data
  • Track different SERP functions
  • Track-specific keyword ranking area
  • Create a fully personalized branded report for clients
  • Evaluate organic and pay-per-click keywords
  • Track your ranking keywords in various SERP functions
  • 23 Keywords research methods
  • Track keywords in over 145 search engines.
  • Keyword rival’s research and analysis
  • Keyword sandbox– a place to keep all your looked into keywords
  • Available in 9 languages


  • Needs finding out the curve
  • Desktop-based keyword software application.
  • Computer system efficiency may impact software efficiency.

Services Offered By RankTracker

Also on our rank tracker review is knowing the Services Offered By RankTracker. Aiming to comprehend SEO more, how can SEO assist in discovering the right keywords or brand-new keywords to help your page be more visible?

Get in touch with RankTracker today to see how they can assist you, or take a look at their list of services and offers listed below:

  • Rank tracker
  • Keyword finder
  • Actionable SEO Tasks
  • FREE: SERP Simulator
  • SERP checker
  • Web Audit

The rank tracker can supply a comprehensive analysis of your site’s features so they can identify which service fits your needs best.

Why Should I Utilize Keyword Rank Tracking Tool?

Rank Tracker Review

Also on our rank tracker review is knowing why you should utilize keyword rank tracking tool. A keyword position checker tool will help you put your SEO effort on the right track. You’ll be able to keep track of modifications in SERP and get alerted.

Suppose your keywords are moving up in search results and organic traffic increases. That’s an indication of a reliable SEO technique. Also, a rival research study is among the advantages of the Rank Tracking tool.

You can use a keyword tracking tool to find the search terms other websites in your niche currently rank for, but not you. This will help you find content opportunities in your industry.

Understanding keyword efficiency in SERP will help you make intelligent marketing choices and produce better material.

With the SEO Power Suite keyword tracking tool, you’ll precisely track keyword positions, find easy-to-rank terms, and track your progress over time.

RankTracker Prices Rates

Also on our rank tracker review is knowing the RankTracker prices rates. The rates for RankTracker are either monthly or annual and are as follows:

  • Monthly: Regular monthly packages begin with just $59 each month for the double data package, $130 for the quad data package and $249 a month for the hex data package.
  • Yearly: Additionally, customers can purchase their packages on yearly memberships. These rates begin with $708 a year for the double data package, $1560 a year for the quad data package and $2988 a year for the hex data package. In some cases, there can be special deals and deals for RankTracker, so be sure to watch out for any offers they may use through their email thread or social media accounts.

How to Install Rank Tracker

Considering that this is a desktop-based application, the first thing you require to do is to download the keyword ranking tracker to your computer system.

You can download the application as a stand-alone tool from this link. ( If you do not have it yet) or get the complete SEO Powersuite bundle tools from here.

In either case, you choose, you will get the software application set up on your computer. You require an email address to proceed with the download.

Like all SEO Powersuite tools, the software is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac running systems.

Whatever your OS of choice, you can use it on your device. After the download is complete, you need to run the SEO Powersuite software application installer to set up the application on your computer system.

You can choose your favored application language interface from the installer dropdown icon. When composing this line, it’s offered in 9 different languages.

  • English
  • Espanol
  • French
  • Nederland
  • Polski
  • Espanol
  • French
  • Nederland
  • Polski

If you avoid changing the language, you can do so later from the software application’s choices menu and personalization area.

Difference Between Real Tracker and Ahrefs

Numerous individuals wish to compare the tools RealTracker and Ahrefs when it comes to rank tracking, and in general, both tools are great. However, they use different benefits that ought to be gone over.

With both tools, the actual rank tracking element is excellent; however, while Ahrefs uses third-party metrics to collect its data, RealTracker utilizes actual data, making it more precise.

Ahrefs has more detail regarding the number of services offered in regards to the tools themselves, but for rank tracking alone, we’d say we choose RealTracker for this.

RankTracker Contact Information

Improving a brand’s digital presence is more than knowing how to make the page look appealing or discovering a specific keyword to put in the material.

It’s also about discovering actionable insights, the best keyword opportunities and audit feature that helps you go from a newbie to an experienced website owner.

But, if you need any help with this or have concerns about the process, you can reach out to the RankTracker team or customer care representatives so they can go over deals and the RankTracker prices with you. You can reach them utilizing the following approaches:


Rank Tracker is among the best keyword tracking tools in the market. Nevertheless, there is another keyword position tracking tools such as ProRankTracker, Semrush, Ahrefs, etc.

However, when you think about the precision and freshness of keyword data and database sizes among primary Google rank checker tools, it deserves understanding that Rank Tracker from SEO powersuite is a good value for money.

It supplies a much better precise tracking analysis and keyword research process. It offers an in-depth analysis of your ranking keywords and competitor’s analysis.

For SEO companies, Rank Tracker provides optimum return on investments.

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