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How to Access 14 Best Onion Sites on the Dark Web

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Torch is among the most popular and oldest black-net web search engines. It has a total of 300,000 onion pages indexed and can handle more than 80,000 users per day. It’s easy to use and consists of a search bar to type in your search term. Furthermore, it offers advertising banners similar to those that you can see in the image above at an affordable cost. Most of the revenue goes to maintain and support servers to ensure that the service is available to all.

According to Torch’s group, Torch is constantly indexing and crawling pages on Tor onion continuously. It also reviews already indexes pages to remove outdated pages from its database.

With this vast amount of indexed pages, Torch is easily considered by many to be an extremely effective and practical Dark Web search engine.

What Is The Torch Search Engine?

Torch, also known as TorSearch, is the top search engine to find the hidden web. It is the oldest and longest-running web search engine in Tor. Torch claims to have more than one billion pages of darknet content indexed. They don’t also limit search results, nor do they track the results you search for. The search logs are not maintained, which means there is no record of your searches. They don’t also use analytics or tracking codes to protect privacy.

Why Use Torch Search Engine?

  • They Don’t Track You
  • Uncensored Results means Torch does not monitor your search results, allowing you to be confident when searching for information.
  • Explore the Dark Net Torch is the most effective way to get into the dark web by making it possible to find interesting and exciting onion websites.
If you’re a novice in the field, it’s nearly impossible to locate a site using the Tor browser or to understand how it functions. That’s why the dark web search engines come in to help.

There is only one form of the Internet that we use for our standard web browsing each day to the uninitiated. However, three significant kinds of the Internet are vital for understanding to have an accurate idea of how it operates:

1: The Surface Web

2: The Deep Web

3: The Dark Web

The Surface Web

The web’s surface comprises every page that can be indexed using an ordinary search engine such as Google and being accessible to all users.

The Deep Web

The Deep Web, in simple terms, is the part of the Internet that can’t be searched through search engines. Contrary to what many believe about it, Deep Web and the Dark Web are not synonymous terms. They are not interchangeable. Deep Web generally refers to all content found behind log-in pages. Examples include the Facebook message page, your bank account page, or username/passwords authentication web servers. The term also includes content that, though accessible to everyone, is unavailable to search engines mainly through an application called the robots.txt file.

However, there is a dark web. Dark Web refers to pages that are stored on private and encrypted protocols. One of these protocols/networks is that of the Tor network. The pages, which typically have a .onion suffix, can’t be found by traditional search engines (such as Google or Bing) as they require specific search engines that work using the same protocol to crawl them.

Also, the deep web comprises all the secure websites and are not indexed by a search engine. Therefore, the protection could take the form of a variety of security measures, such as passwords. A good instance is a private Instagram account whose content isn’t visible on Google searches.

The Dark Web

The dark web is comprised of all websites that cannot be reached using a standard browser. Instead, it requires a specific kind of network called “The Onion Routing (TOR). The majority of websites use .onion added to the end, instead of top-level domains, such as “.com”.

While the first two aren’t consciously recognized by the majority of users as distinct kinds and are not used daily by their users. But the true mystery lies in the 3rd one, which is that of the dark Internet that is just a tiny portion of the web, with 65000 URLs.

Of these, there are only a few thousand active, with most current URLs not functioning for various reasons.

Here are the top 8 dark web search engines:


As a member of our previous listing, Ahmia. fi remains reliable and has a policy that prohibits all “abuse material,” something unlike other search engines on the dark web, which also index websites containing sexually explicit content for children.

Ahmia is also accessible via Ahmia is also available on the website surface and supports searches on the i2p networks. You can visit Ahmia’s.Onion domain here.

2. Dark Search

Dark Search
Dark Search

Dark Search is a new addition to the dark web’s collection of search engines. It claims to be the “first real dark web search engine.” Dark Search allows users to search on its Tor domain, as well as its open web domain.

Its .onion domain can be found through this link, and the domain Clearnet is accessible at this.

3. The Hidden Wiki


This isn’t an actual search engine, but it’s very helpful. If you type in a search term with a dark web or search engine, you’ll be guaranteed to find 20 fake links and maybe one legitimate one. Unfortunately, this makes it an extremely time-consuming task to search.

But the Wiki can help solve this problem by providing a list of the dark web, allowing you to access them quickly. Additionally, a Surface web-based version exists too.

Other websites are offering the same content, for example, the TorLinks along with OnionLinks. You can also visit The Hidden Wiki by following it. Onion link here.

4. Haystak


It claims to index more than 1.5 billion pages that include more than 260,000 websites. So Haystak certainly stands out as a high-quality engine within the ranks.

A paid version also comes with many extra features, including searching with regular expressions, browsing the defunct onion websites, and logging into their API.

You shouldn’t put your trust in them to be in your best interest at your fingertips; however, if you think about that, one of these options allows users to access databases containing the stolen credit card details and email addresses.

You can go to Haystak by clicking on it’s.Onion hyperlink this link.

5. Torch


It’s also one of the websites that have been around for quite enough(since 1996); however, the results aren’t very spectacular. For example, in the above query, I was looking for the URL for Facebook’s onion. It was a basic item of data. However, it did not report everything; however, it did not show the length these search engines must advance to be more effective.

However, it’s quick and is useful regardless. You can still visit Torch by clicking the. Onion URL below.

  1. DuckDuckGo 
  2. DuckDuckGo

The long-time adversary of Google It is a long-time foe of Google, and you’ll discover this on each dark internet search engine’s list. However, it lists results for surface web searches higher numbers than those of the dark web, and the only benefit that we can get is its anonymity. I was unable to locate a single dark web search result in several random queries.

You can go to DuckDuckGo by clicking their .Onion page below.

In conclusion, we hope this list will help you use the TOR browser with greater efficiency. Make sure you are not accessing any sites that are not legal since it could get you in trouble and the moral decision, of course.

Recon – reconponydonugup.onion

The specific search engine was developed by Hugbunt3r, a prominent participant of the well-known Dread platform available on the dark internet. Its goal is to be an online database where users can search for items from various vendors on different marketplaces on the darknet.

Individual profiles for marketplaces and vendors are also offered, including ratings, mirror links and the number of listings, and the uptime percentage.

  1. Kilos – dnmugu4755642434.onion

Kilos is among the search engines for the dark web, which was designed specifically to work on use on the Dark Web. It was introduced in November of 2019 and offered cyber criminals an opportunity to search for answers to their questions or lookup products through the Dark Web and find the appropriate person to take on for the various wrong-doings. For instance, if a person wants to do business with Bitcoin in secret, they need to type in the appropriate keywords, and the deal will be completed.

How Do I Access Torch’s Onion Address?

Torch is an onion-based site and requires downloading the Tor Browser to access the site. Tor Browser is available on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android and is installed here. The Tor browser is the best method of accessing any darknet-related website since it is secure and anonymous. In addition, it will not keep any information on your computer.


The Dark Web is an ideal place for hackers as well as suspicious third-party companies. Here are the steps to get access to the top 14 (and most secure) Dark Weblinks.

I’ve found that ExpressVPN to be the best choice for browsing using the Dark Web. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you can get a refund if you’re unhappy with it.

Explore on the Dark Web with ExpressVPN

Basic Guide: 14 Best Dark Web Links in 2021

DuckDuckGo is a web search engine that indexes onion websites and doesn’t monitor your search history, nor do they use ad trackers.

The Secret Wiki The Hidden Wiki, An index of web pages on the Dark Web, helps you discover websites and tools that might be relevant to you.

TorLinks – A directory of onion websites to be used as a backup should other manuals go down.

Torch Search Engine -The first search engine available on the Tor network, It has access to the largest onion database hyperlinks available.

Library Genesis — A huge collection of literature, books, and comics.

Sci-Hub – A database that allows you to access millions of research papers at no cost.

ProtonMail is a secure email service that is completely anonymous.

The Intercept The Intercept is an online publication that delivers the most up-to-date news and information and welcomes whistleblower tips.

ProPublica is a thoughtful platform that provides articles on various topics, including finance, politics, and the environment.

Wasabi Wallet Wasabi Wallet HTML0It’s a digital Bitcoin wallet that allows you to manage your cryptocurrency securely.

Impreza Hosting Affordable hosting solutions to launch your website on the Dark Web.

ZeroBin -This site allows you to share secure messages anonymously and images, as well as the option of allowing your message to auto-delete.

SecureDrop — A secure, non-traceable way for whistleblowers to relay data to news outlets.

Black Cloud Secure Dark Web cloud lets you upload files like Dropbox and Google Drive, but anonymous and without data mining.

How to Access Safely the Dark Web in 2021

Choose a VPN that offers robust security. Try ExpressVPN for its speed, as well as a reliable network of servers, as well as its military-grade encryption that keeps your data secure from the Dark Web. Test ExpressVPN for free using its 30-day money-back assurance.

Connect to a VPN. A high-quality VPN will let you securely install the Tor browser without revealing your identity.

Begin browsing .onion websites. With your VPN switched on, nobody will ever know you’ve accessed the Tor network. In addition, your data will be protected to keep your information secure and private.

Utilize for the Dark Web safely with ExpressVPN

VPNs and Tor: Your Resources for Navigating the Dark Web Safely

Tor browser offers anonymity online, but it’s not entirely secure. Even though no person can know what sites you’re browsing, they still can see that you’re on this Tor network. To ensure that you are completely hidden and secure, I connect with a top VPN service like ExpressVPN before connecting to the Tor network and accessing it on the Dark Web. This is known as “Tor over VPN” because the VPN will conceal your IP address and secure your internet traffic when you join your Tor network.

A VPN stops third-party spying from getting any information on your activities, ensuring that you remain completely anonymous when using this Dark Web. Furthermore, it will prevent hackers who are on their Tor network from discovering your actual IP address. When you use VPN, you can block hackers from figuring out your real IP address. VPN Additionally, you can connect to websites and websites without having to worry about errors if your IP address is not working.

Although you can find “proxy services” that claim to shield you from Dark Web, you shouldn’t make use of them because they’re not as secure as VPN services. VPN service.

Here are some more suggestions to make use of this Dark Web as safely as feasible:

  • Don’t click on links that you’re not familiar with.
  • Make sure you use the right URL to ensure that you do not connect to a malware-laden onion website. If you’re not sure, confirm the URL with several sources before you go to.
  • Do not use your account email address to sign up for anything .make use of an encrypted Dark Webmail service to create an account.
  • Use strong passwords which are distinct to each account, and allow two-factor authentication.
  • Avoid connecting to proxy services such as Tor2Web. Although proxy services allow you to access .onion websites using your normal browser, they’re not safe and can put your information at risk.
  • Cover your microphone and webcam to keep any person from monitoring you.
  • Do not download anything, as hackers might attempt to fool you into installing malware.
  • Take extreme care when purchasing any item because Dark Web marketplaces are filled with fraudsters.

Make use of the Dark Web safely with ExpressVPN.

The Best VPNs to Access the Dark Web — Full Testing & Analysis

ExpressVPN — Fast Speeds and Powerful Security for the Dark Web

ExpressVPN provides fast server speeds as well as high-end security to access the Dark Web. Using a Tor browser typically results in slower speeds than normal web browsing as the data is transferred through several servers (known by the term “nodes”). As I was planning to utilize DuckDuckGo, I was concerned that using a VPN could slow down my speed, so I tested it out on the table. ExpressVPN loaded DuckDuckGo results within 3 seconds, whereas other VPNs generally took 6-10 minutes. I didn’t see any difference in time to load when compared to standard internet browsing. However, I was pleasantly surprised that ExpressVPN’s speed was consistently high even on .onion websites.

ExpressVPN offers high-speed speeds on servers and top-of-the-line security to access the Dark Web. However, using a Tor browser will generally be slower than normal web browsing because the data is transferred through several sites (known by the term “nodes”). Nevertheless, because I was looking to use DuckDuckGo, I was worried that using a VPN could slow down my speed, so I tried it out.

ExpressVPN has loaded DuckDuckGo results in less than 3 seconds, while other VPNs typically took between 6-10 minutes. I didn’t experience any change in time to load when compared with normal web browsing. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that ExpressVPN’s speed was consistently high even on .onion websites.

Key Features:

Many VPNs claim that they do not record; however, many sell your internet usage data, IP address, and other data to third-party companies. ExpressVPN is a firm believer in a strict and well-tested no-logging policy. Turkish authorities found no personal information of users when they seized ExpressVPN’s physical servers as part of an investigation.

Apart from being among the best VPNs available for Windows, ExpressVPN has solid native applications available for macOS along with Android. In addition, its Windows client has similar features to the macOS application — and both are great on .onion websites, ensuring that I remain completely anonymous while loading sites quickly.

The only downside could be the fact that ExpressVPN is higher priced than other providers. However, since it is a reliable service that provides security and has fast rates even for .onion websites, I think spending a bit more is worth the advanced features. Before you sign up for an account, you can test ExpressVPN for free by using its money-back guarantee of 30 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you can ask for an exchange in the next 30 days. I’ve tested it myself, and it took me just five days to receive my money back without any need to ask questions. This was the simplest refund procedure of all the VPNs listed on this list.

Get ExpressVPN for the Dark Web

  1. CyberGhost — NoSpy Servers Give You an Added Layer of Privacy on the Dark Web

CyberGhost’s top-of-the-line technology protects you when you are on cyberspace’s Dark Web. Aside from the top security features, such as encryption 256 bits and a kill switch, CyberGhost provides NoSpy servers to provide extra security. The servers are located in Romania, which has no surveillance of websites or mass data collection practices.

CyberGhost is the sole owner and operator of its entire server infrastructure, which allows it to monitor all of its servers for security issues. This protection scheme assured me that anyone watching me could never observe my actions through this Dark Web.

Key Features:

Get CyberGhost for the Dark Web

  1. Private Internet Access — Advanced Security Features for Safely Browsing the Dark Web

Privacy Internet Access (PIA) has several nice security features to ensure your safety on your journey through the Dark Web. It includes the essentials such as military-grade encryption and IP leak protection to ensure your information is secure whenever you browse .onion websites. It is worth noting that PIA is also equipped with security benefits that are usually reserved for premium VPNs, such as an integrated malware blocker. It blocks advertisements trackers, URLs, and ads that are believed to have harmful software. Because malicious URLs are among the greatest threats on the Dark Web, I feel more confident by using the VPNs by using this feature.

Key Features:

  • The most economical VPN to visit .onion websites securely and without revealing your identity
  • It comes with military-grade encryption, which means nobody will ever know that you’ve utilized the Dark Web
  • The automatic kill switch conceals your identity when you lose your VPN connection.
  • Zero-logs policy means that all your data will ever be stored or collected.
  • Payments that are anonymous using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin

With its zero-logs policy. None of your information is stored on the servers of PIA. That means it isn’t accessible to anyone, even when the government demands it. PIA also includes an automated kill that instantly blocks your internet connection if you lose connection to your VPN server. This means that you won’t be identified for being considered the Dark Web user even if the connection fails.

One thing to remember is that private Internet Access is headquartered in the US, one of the founding members of the Five Eyes network for intelligence sharing.

Furthermore, you can test PIA without risk with its money-back guarantee of thirty days. Contact support through the live chat to request your money back before the expiration date of 30 days. I was required to explain first (I had to say that I regret the purchase). My request was immediately processed. The money was returned to my bank in less than two weeks.

Get PIA for the Dark Web

HMA — IP Shuffling Makes It Hard to Track You on the Dark Web

  • HMA comes with an IP shuffler function that moves the user through various virtual addresses, making it difficult to track via the Dark Web. All you need to do is open the settings menu, and then under “Privacy,” choose the IP Shuffle dropdown. With IP Shuffle, if an account is compromised, it’s virtually impossible to trace as you’d soon be using a completely new IP address. One word of caution about this feature It’s important to note that it’s vital to ensure the kill switch of HMA is activated whenever you enable it. Otherwise, your Dark Web activities could be briefly visible as HMA switches your IP address from one to another. If the VPN isn’t active, the kill switch turns off any network activities, so your information won’t be exposed when HMA is shut off.
  • In addition to The IP Shuffle feature, HMA safeguards your privacy through an extremely strict zero-logs policy. HMA even had an independent audit as cybersecurity firm Verpsrite looked over its terms and its server infrastructure. It was found that HMA does not keep any of your personal information. In the absence of any logs to its servers, no data can be taken by hackers. If you’d like you to test the HMA zero-logs servers on your ownthe service comes with a money-back assurance that allows you to utilize the entire features of HMA for a maximum of

Key Features:

  • IP shuffling is constantly shifting you’re location and makes it even more difficult to locate
  • 256-bit encryption keeps your activities on .onion sites hidden
  • The automatic kill switch stops data leaks when you lose connection.
  • No-logs policy that is strict, which means there’s no way to track what . Onion websites you visit

IPVanish — Obfuscated Servers for Extra Privacy on the Dark Web

  • IPVanish utilizes obfuscated servers which provide extra security through the concealing of the VPN. While any secure VPN server hides the fact that you’re surfing .onion sites, other websites can see that you’re using the VPN server. Obfuscated servers block information leakage, providing you with a second security layer to keep secure when operating on the Dark Web.
  • Because it employs encryption of 256 bits (the most advanced level), Your data is secure when you are using IPVanish. It has an automatic kill switch, as well as blocking LAN traffic too. I observed that it kept my data secure during my tests, even if my VPN connection was unsuccessful.
  • Server, which speeds up the speed of your .onion web browsing experience. Because Tor is a Tor network that is slower than the web’s surface, It’s great to have the ability to discover a reliable server instantly. It’s easy to search IPVanish servers by pinging through an option menu that makes it easy to locate an extremely reliable connection for browsing .onion websites. A lower ping means that it takes less time for your device to connect.

Key Features:

  • Disguised servers to hide the fact that you’re using VPN with your ISP
  • 256-bit encryption encrypts your .onion actions
  • Automatic kill switch guards your data if the VPN fails to connect
  • Zero-logs policy safeguards your data by preventing it from being kept in a database
  • This includes credit cards as well as PayPal payment options.


Get IPVanish for the Dark Web

FAQs: The Dark Web, The Onion Router (Tor), and VPNs

Do I need to use a no-cost VPN to connect to the Dark Web?

Technically yes, however, I strongly suggest not to use it. There are positive uses for free VPNs; however, accessing the Dark Web isn’t one. Along with annoying ads along slow connections, the most reliable free VPNs offer less secure security, and you’ll not be safe from cybercriminals and harmful links that are everywhere on .onion websites. Free VPNs expose you to attack and utilize low-quality encryption that may not secure your connections without the money to invest in the most recent security VPNs. They may even breach your privacy with purpose and even sell your personal information to earn money.

This is why it’s worthwhile to invest in the VPN service. It’s still cheap, but when you want to access your connection to the Dark Web for a short duration, you’ll be able to get your money back. The best VPNs come with money-back assurances, which I have tested by contacting the live chat support for each VPN. In all cases, I was able to get my refund within some minutes.

In addition, top-quality service providers such as ExpressVPN provide top security. You can test all of ExpressVPN’s features without risk and, should you decide the service isn’t right the right fit for you, then you can request a full refund in just 30 days. In my experience, when I tried the refund procedure, I got the money returned to my account in just five days.

Does it illegal to use the Dark Web illegal?

It’s up to you. In most countries, you can access the Dark Web is completely legal to browse if it’s not being used for illegal motives. Unfortunately, although there are plenty of legal and safe Dark Web sites, it’s not uncommon to stumble on sites with unlawful images, copyright-protected content, or malware. Beware of clicking on links that could be fraudulent and secure your entire internet connection using a zero-logs VPN to ensure your data is safe from hackers.

Please be aware that my team and I do not support participation in any illegal activity. So review the rules and regulations of your country to make sure you aren’t violating any law.

How risky are onion websites (really)?

Utilizing the Dark Web is risky, and you shouldn’t use it without a top-quality VPN offering solid security features such as ExpressVPN. Apart from various malicious websites, fake phishing links, and frauds, hackers always crawl about, searching for easy targets. Even sites that appear to be reputable may host malware that could cause damage to systems and make your personal information to hackers. To keep yourself safe from cybercriminals and the scrutiny of others on .onion websites, I strongly suggest you secure yourself using ExpressVPN’s latest protection.

What is the best method to locate .onion websites?

Dark web search engines such as Torch can be a useful method to locate .onion websites. However, they can provide a plethora filled with irrelevant information. The alternative is to go to Dark Web directories like The Hidden Wiki and TorLinks. Since websites often shut down abruptly, Dark Web directories always have dead URLs and include hyperlinks to dangerous or illegal information. This is not a problem when using .onion search engines.

To be secure while searching for .onion websites, make sure you make use of a VPN that has strong security features, such as high-end encryption, kill switch, as well as leak protection (at the very least).

What are the most popular cryptos for .onion websites?

Bitcoin can be described as the simplest currency to get and use, as well as you can access to keep your Bitcoin on safe .onion websites. Bitcoin has now become the primary currency on the Dark Web and, since it has grown far over that of the Dark Web, it’s easy to purchase through the normal internet.

Be aware that purchasing Bitcoin through an exchange for cryptocurrency on the regular Web could reveal your personal information. In addition, bitcoin from a deal could be traced back to any Dark Web transactions. Of course, you can purchase Bitcoin through others Dark Web users, but this can make it easier to fall victim to scams.

Another alternative is to experiment with the coin-mixing feature -Wasabi Wallet has a mixing feature that lets you conceal your Bitcoin transactions by making them appear as if they were part of other blockchain transactions. Be extremely cautious when you decide to make transactions through .onion websites. To make sure your identity is safe, utilize a high-quality VPN to protect your personal information.

Do I have access to the Dark Web from my iPhone or Android device?

Yes, but it is recommended to be cautious if you decide to do so. While it is possible to use the Tor browser to be compatible with Android gadgetsyou’ll have to install an alternative application on iOS.

The most suitable alternative for this is to use the Onion Browser app, which is accessible through the App Store. It is also possible to give the application “Dark Browser” a try since it functions as a browser that works with the Tor or I2P networks. However, security experts suggest against using third-party mobile apps for access to Tor. Tor network. If you can, I’d avoid accessing Tor using an iPhone or iPad. Go with Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux instead since the operating systems are all compatible with the Tor browser.

What are the top web browsers to connect to the Dark Web?

The Tor browser is the top all-purpose browser that can be used using Dark Web because it’s the most dependable. However, some other options are worth checking out in addition:

  • Invisible Internet Project (I2P) — an anonymous network layer run by a network of volunteers comprising 55,000 computers distributed across the world.
  • Subgraph OS -A Linux distribution platform that is immune to malware-related exploits and network-borne attacks.
  • Tails, also called The Amnesic Incognito Live System, is a software distribution to ensure privacy and security.
  • Waterfox is based on the Firefox engine; the engine was developed mostly to support old extensions deleted by Firefox.

Whichever software you’re using, it’s crucial to use a reputable VPN.

Download the most reliable VPN to access the Dark Web

Safely Browse .onion Sites With a Secure VPN

There are many useful resources available that can be found on the Dark Web, but visiting .onion websites is not without dangers. It would help with a VPN with full protection and security features to ensure you remain safe from hackers, internet trackers, and other malicious users.

Of all the VPNs I tried, ExpressVPN outperformed the other providers. It features advanced encryption to conceal your identity, fast rates to access .onion websites fast, and comes with a 30-day money-back assurance. In addition, it is possible to test ExpressVPN using the Dark Web for yourself, and if you don’t like it, your requirements it’s fast and simple to request the full amount back via live chat.




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