When Does Spotify Wrapped Come out

When Does Spotify Wrapped Come out In 2022

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It’s almost the time of year again. It’s almost time to wrap Spotify. It’s the moment Spotify Wrapped is available to all 188 million subscribers of the music streaming platform.

You might be surprised by some songs or artists, but the most popular and trusted favorites will always win.

Spotify Wrapped are getting more attention each year. when does Spotify wrapped come out? This is what we know so far. This article will answer the question: “When does Spotify wrapped come out?”. 

What is Spotify Wrapped?

So before we know when does Spotify wrapped come out, Let’s know what Spotify Wrapped is. Spotify Wrapped is an annual, personalized list of songs, albums, and artists that chart the most listened-to music over the last year. The list is usually released in the latter months of the year. It takes data from January through the day Spotify Wrapped drops.

You can also create a playlist that features all the most popular songs each year.

This feature is available only to total Spotify subscribers. Other streaming platforms may offer similar personalized lists.

What does Spotify Wrapped show you?

So before we know when does Spotify wrapped come out, Let’s know what Spotify Wrapped show you. The Spotify Wrapped playlist will display a range of statistics, including:

  • The top artists
  • Your top songs
  • Your top genres
  • How much time do you spend listening to Spotify music
  • How many new artists have you discovered?
  • The countries in which your music was played.

What features will Spotify Wrapped 2022 have?

When Does Spotify Wrapped Come out

So before we know when does Spotify wrapped come out, Let’s know what are the features of Spotify Wrapped. Spotify are famous tight-lipped over the content of each edition of Wrapped. However, previous years have seen a series of extra add-ons.

This includes a quiz in which users are asked to guess what they think their most played song, albums, artists and podcasts. The recent ‘blends’ feature has also been used in Wrapped events, with users able to merge playlists with their loved ones.

Every edition feature attractive and sharable screenshots for social media puposes (which is really the biggest reason for Wrapped!). These have been given to users in an INstagram-style, powerpoint, which allows for easy screenshotting.

Where can I see Spotify Wrapped (Android and iOS)

You can find your Spotify Wrapped statistics using the Spotify app on Android or iOS. To do this, open the app and go to “Your Library.” Tap on “Playlist” to scroll down to “Your top 2022 songs.”

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When Does Spotify Wrapped Come out 2022?

So let’s know when does Spotify wrapped come out. Spotify Wrapped 2022 does not have a specific release date. However, based on previous years, it is pretty easy to guess when it will be available. These are the dates of previous Spotify Wrapped release dates:

  • 2017: December 6
  • 2018 December 6
  • 2019: December 5
  • 2020: December 2
  • 2021: December 1

Wrapped in a product released earlier and later each year, so what’s our prediction for 2022? It will likely drop around December 1 or within a few days. Keep your eyes on Spotify’s Twitter to receive the most recent notifications and updates.

How to find Spotify Wrapped 2022?

Spotify will display your playlist on mobile and desktop apps when available. Keep an eye out. They will usually send an email to let you know when it’s live.

How to share Spotify wrapped?

After you have seen your Spotify Wrapped statistics, you will likely want to share them with your friends. Spotify makes this easy.

You’ll find various share options for each card on the website. Follow the prompts to choose the platform you wish to share (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok).

Your Spotify Wrapped statistics can be shared directly through the Spotify app. Open the app and navigate to “Your Library.” Tap on “Playlists,” then scroll down to the “Your top songs for 2022” section. Next, tap on the Share button and select the platform to share.

And that’s all there is to it! Now you know how to see Spotify Wrapped and how to share

Spotify Wrapped on the Desktop?

Yes, you can! You can log in to your Spotify account by going to the website. Here you can view all your listening stats from the last year and fun facts about your music taste.

You’ll also find your personalized shareable card there, which you can share on social media so that all your followers and friends can see it. You never know; they might find their favorite artist through your efforts.

Can I still view my Spotify Wrapped 2021?

Yes, you can! It will be under “playlists” in your “library.” Scroll down to find the playlist called “Your top 2021 songs.”

When does Spotify Wrapped Stop Counting your Music Streams?

Spotify announced on Twitter in 2019 that they will stop counting streams towards your Spotify Wrapped account on October 31. This does not mean you can listen to anything in November or December to count towards the Spotify Wrapped next year. Spotify only counts music that was listened to between January 1 and October 31 each year.

However, things seem to be changing this year. To a Tweet about Wrapped, the official Spotify Twitter account replied:

“The only thing we do on Halloween is eating candy corn. Stream (and snack) throughout the year, and you will be in Wrapped season.

If you are worried about Spotify Wrapped, there is still time to fix it.

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