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Best Auric’s Guide to Blue Spell Learning (Spells 1-80)

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Auric’s Guide to Blue Spell Learning (Spells 1-80)

Auric’s Guide – Here are my recommendations for the most effective ways to master the 80 spells available to Level 60 blue Mages. Even though you’re Blue Spell Book will tell you where you can receive the spell. However, it doesn’t give you all the available locations, and frequently the spot it mentions isn’t your ideal choice for learning the magick. Also, note that many spells come with several options to learn the spell, and my preferred method may not be the best for you!

Auric’s Guide

Many spells offer many possible options to learn. My favourite method may differ from the one you prefer! My experience suggests that your best bet would be to increase the power of the level of your Blue Mage to 60 and then begin making your spells, which is why this guide is designed to support this method. However, if you are a fan of the slower and steady levelling, you may have to alter the guidelines. For example, going through dungeons with synced dungeons for learning spells is easier when you’ve already completed that Aetherial Mimicry spell. However, you must be at least sixty levels to master it, so you’ll need to master it later in the Blue Journey and may want to put off the dungeons that sync until you are at that level.

First, some essential general information on Blue Mage spell-learning!

  1. To learn the spell of mobs, you must be able to cause a stir on the band, either by yourself or in a relationship with someone else who does – and you have to be able to see that the spell is being cast through to its completion. Some spells that you learn come with cast bars; however, for those that do, make sure the spell has been completed before you’ve killed the mob, or you’ll never learn the technique. For spells with no cast bars, make sure to monitor the text floating on your screen or in your combat log to confirm that the spell you’re looking for was utilized before killing the mob.
  2. It is impossible to learn a spell if it is dead when the mob who used it dies! This issue is often encountered when trying to master spells within instances of content. Do not let the battle end in a dead state! If you’re instancing with other Blue Mages in the course of learning spells, don’t end the battle until all Blues are raised, should you be able to do so.
  3. If you’re in the world of the living and the mob has been targeted by someone, not in your group, you won’t be capable of learning the spells it has taught you.
  4. It is not necessary to be struck by the power of learning how to cast the spell! All you have to do is watch the spell being cast.
  5. If you’re in a party by other Blues trying to master magic spells or all Blues, have it, or none does. There is never the situation where you can learn the spell, but your friend Blue doesn’t, so long as you are a part of it.
  6. Some instances have multiple spells you can master. It is possible to master several attacks within the course of a single battle! (If you perform a synchronized sequence of Dragon’s Neck, it’s possible to master three spells simultaneously: Aqua Breath, 4-Tone Weight, as well, as Snort!)
  7. To master the full range of spells available at the level 60 BLU, players must complete the main storyline of Heavensward and have accessed all three levels in the Alexander raid, and then completed the Hildebrand second storyline leading to Battle in the Big Keep. (NOT only battle on the Big Bridge Continue!)
  8. There’s a rumour that the spells you must learn to complete your Blue Mage class quests are sure to be discovered the first go, regardless of what. Although this may be valid for spells found within instanced content (so don’t hesitate to unsynchronized them!) I can confirm it is not valid about the spells learned in the open world. I required four kills to master Faze and two kills to learn 1000 Needles in my Blue test.
  9. There’s a belief that having more blue Mages in your non-synchronized party increases the chances of obtaining rare spells that drop. It’s not proven to be the case, but it’s complicated to collect evidence to support this theory either way.
  10. Another theory says that if you run an unsynchronized Primal trial with more incredible difficulty than what is needed to be done, you will experience a higher chance of losing Primal spells. This isn’t a simple thing to prove, but my evidence suggests this is probably the case. For example, Suppose you’re looking for Veil of the Whorl, and you intend to resync. In that case, the fight chances of obtaining the ability are more significant when you use an unsynchronized Whorleater (Extreme) instead of an unsynced who later (Hard).

Best Ways to Learn Blue Mage Spells

Blue Mage Spell
Auric’s Guide

Here’s a brief overview of how you can obtain Blue Mage spells (best ways to learn about the 80 spells that are available to Level sixty blue Mages):

  1. Learn spells from open-world mobs. This is usually the most convenient method as you can do it independently without the need for an instructor or a group. Certain spells can be learned by yourself by using specific battle levels, which can create mobs that have the spell.
  2. There are many spells you can learn from instances of content when in level sync. A good portion of the spells you have in your guide is the most effective method because if your level synced with instances and the spell you’re looking for is cast, you will have a 100% sure-to-learn rate. If you can learn a few essential spells before you begin, dungeon running using Blue Mage can be swift and enjoyable. Spells include:
  • Aetherial mimicry,
  • Ram’s voice,
  • Missile,
  • As well as Level 5 Death may let a group of Blue Mages face numerous Dungeons.

Note Note: you do not require all Blue Mages within a synced group to master the spells! For the spells that you learn in Trials mainly, it’s usually easier to understand the spells you need if you join with a natural healer friend to enjoy unlimited raises or on the real tank class to ensure that the boss is in check. The only reason you’re required to have a complete group of blue synced Mages is when you’re looking for credit on the Blue Log (Martyn will give you credit after you have completed the first portion of your blue Mage Class journey) as well as if are looking for to earn an award like those required to obtain Morbol Mount.

  1. It is possible to learn spells by performing instanced content that is not synced (using”Undersized Party” in the “Undersized Party” option in the Duty Finder.) It is not possible to have an 80% chance of learning in this manner. However, this approach can have advantages over disadvantages: you may need to try multiple times to get a particular spell dropped. Level 50 content can be (mostly) performed solo on a level 60 blue once you’ve got some good spells; however, for level 60 content, you’ll most likely require a professional level 80 companion to aid you.
  2. It is possible to learn spells during fights with The Masked, i.e. you must take on the battles by yourself and drop isn’t 100%, but there are a few spells you can acquire through this method if you desire.
  3. Certain spells are only learned using Totems which you need to earn by achieving certain milestones in your spells. There are eight spells available currently:
  • Angel Whisper,
  • Mighty guard,
  • Off-guard,
  • Moon Flute,
  • Doom,
  • Transfusion,
  • Revenge Blast,
  • And White Wind.

To master them, after you’ve completed the prerequisites, contact Wayward Gaheel Ja at Ul’dah in the hours of (12.5, 13.0) (the Milvaneth Sacrarium), and he will provide you with totems. Select the totems from your inventory, and you’ll be able to learn the spells.

Shared Spell Cooldowns

Your Blue spellbook states that some spells have cooldowns with other spells; however, it doesn’t specify the type of spell. Here’s a list of them:

  • Mountain Buster shares with Shock Strike
  • Jkick shares a partnership with Quasar
  • Glass dance shares a common theme with Veil of the Whorl
  • Feather Rain shares the same space with Eruption.

How to Acquire 1-80 Blue Spells

How To Acquire 1-80 Spells
How To Acquire 1-80 Spells
  1. Peculiar Light: Open World. Lentic Mudpuppy, level 45, Mor Dhona . It’s located southwest of Revenant’s Toll and almost everything to Castrum.
  2. Also, Surf Eft in Brayflox Longstop (Normal)
  3. Feather rainhttps: Incompletely sync the battles of Howling Eye (Extreme) with a friend of level 80. It can be completed within less than one minute with a level of 80. Its drop rates aren’t the best. However, this fight is tough to sync using Blue Mages, so unsync is the best choice. The spell only appears in its Extreme version of the battle. There is no casting bar. It is the spell that leaves half a dozen small AOE markings on the ground.
  4. Gobskin: Unsynced or Synced run of Alexander: The Breath of the Creator (A10). The spell drops from two mobs within the area that leads up towards the boss, including Alexander Hider and Alexander Slider and not from the boss himself. It’s simple to acquire using an unsynchronized level 80 companion because you can kill these two creatures (let the spells cast as they are slow) and if the spell isn’t dropped, just reset and try again. It’s also extremely fast to be synced when you have eight players together.
  5. You can also purchase this through or through the Rank A Elite Mark Slipkinx Steeljoints located in the Dravanian Hinterlands. However, the guy can be challenging to identify and collect enough players to take down. I would not recommend this.
  6. Flying Frenzy: A synced run of Pharos Sirius (average). The second boss also is equipped with it. You have to cause him to be a maniac by killing eggs to make use of this ability. Be aware that he may quickly destroy you. Take this item in the same way you’ll get Song of Torment (9).
  7. You could also play unsynchronized on your Level 60 blue without too much of a problem. Still, you’ll only have one shot to play each of the two spells in this scenario, so syncing is recommended unless you cannot get an entire group.
  8. Magic Hammer: A synced run of Great Gubal Library (Hard). This Amanda trash mob appears in front of the final boss room equipped with it. Be cautious not to disrupt the cast of this spell with freeze, paralyze or silence effects because he could get very determined and resist casting the spell again for a long duration. It is possible to allow him to kill you and restart the fight to watch the spell again. It’s the only chance you’ll have to cast the spell in this dungeon; therefore, I wouldn’t suggest unsynchronized runs unless you’re very fortunate. It is also possible to get Condensed Libra (76) and The Look (27) in the same run.
  9. Eruption The run was synchronized to a four-person Bowl of Embers (story mode).
  10. Mountain Buster: A synced run of The Navel (Hard.) You can also accomplish this by disabling The Navel (Extreme) using the level 80 companion. The battle can be completed in less than two minutes as well as the rate of drop is decent. The spell does not have a bar for casting; it’s the tank-buster. You must ensure that you do not fall off during the fight, as you won’t be rezzed, and you won’t learn the spell!
  11. Water Cannon, The user is granted this ability when you open your Blue Mage job.
  12. Flamethrower Run synchronized with the initial boss from Keeper of the Lake. It is also possible to unsync the dungeon. If you don’t receive it from the boss, you first encounter a second chance at the second boss, who also makes use of it. So it’s possible, though challenging to unsync it on your own with the blue level 60 Mage. It is also available by completing the boss battle within Brayflox’s Longstop (Hard).
  13. Aqua Breath: A synced run of Whorleater (Hard). You can also purchase it by syncing a run from Dragon’s Neck. Unsynthesized runs of the Whorleater (Hard) will also grant you this spell pretty quickly. However, the drop rate appears to increase if you attempt to run unsynchronized versions in The Extreme version of the fight.
  14. High Voltage Run that isn’t synced with the turn 1 of Coil with the level 80 companion. The first mob you encounter has it. It’s swift to spam until you’ve got the spell; however, you could be able to sync it to one-and-done. It is possible to master it with a Level 60 blue Mage; however, it will take quite a long time because of the constant paralysis you have to endure, and the healers added to the mob you’re targeting. It is also available by visiting it. Bestial Node on the Stage 15 Masked Carnivale the Me Nobody Nodes
  15. The Loom It’s possible to obtain this ability in the open world by using the B rank hunter marker “Flame Sergeant Dalvag”, but there’s only one version of him. He respawns at another location within the area each day time you kill him. It could be a bit stressful. I suggest a run that is not synced until you’ve passed Tam Tara Hard’s first boss. Tam Tara Hard instead. The mobs that come out of the caskets that are cursedDantalion and the Phantom Knight Dantalion as well as Phantom Knight — all have this ability, and you can follow them around in circles inside the first boss’s room until they utilize the power, and then take them out and kill them. It can be accomplished in a solo fashion with the blue level 60 Mage relatively effortlessly and with a friend of level 80. This spell doesn’t have a cast bar. Just watch for the mob to create an incredibly short teleport, and that’s it.
  16. PlaincrackerOpen world. Clay Golem – Level 28 North Shroud (19,29) Also, Sandstone Golem – Level 29 Southern Thanalan (24,13), and Basalt Golem – Level 34 Outer La Noscea (16,16) Also, Gogmagolem, the second manager from Copperbell Mines (Hard) Additionally, Azulmagia of Stage 25 Masked Carnivale – Dirty Rotten Azulmagia (but honestly, why would you want to?)
  17. Bristle: Open World. Wild Boar – Level 20-21 East Shroud (18,24). This spell does not have a cast bar; however, the boar will be enhanced by “Boost” after casting it.
  18. White Wind The totem is available upon studying 10 Blue Mage spells. Level 5 petrify. The spell can be somewhat challenging to obtain. The only place to get it is Haukke Manor (average), and there is only one mob that has it; that is The Manor Sentry that spawns in the mob pack that will are visible when Lady Amandine is damaged to a sufficient extent. It is important to note that the Manor Sentry you fight before opening the doors will not release the spell (because you won’t kill him), So don’t try to take it away from him. To find the right Manor Sentry for this ability, you need to reduce your HP by 20% to 20% without killing him. Then wait for him to use the power. It’s easy to tackle this dungeon using an unsynchronized Level 60 blue Mage in just five minutes. However, you’ll need to take the utmost care not to take out Amandine or the Sentry upon his spawn instantly. Try this dungeon with the synced group if you do not want to stress about it or are looking for a sure-fire way to get this spell. It will take longer, but if you don’t make a mistake and end up killing the Sentry before casting the while, you’re sure to receive the magic.
  19. Sharpened Knife: A synced run of Wanderer’s Palace (standard). This ability is a part of the boss that defeated the last one and has no cast bar.
  20. Ice Spikes: Open world. Trickster Imp – Level 9 Central Shroud (27,24) Also available at Manor Jester located in Haukke Manor (Normal) Also available at Azulmagia in Stage 25 Masked Carnivale – Dirty Rotten Azulmagia. (But you really, why would you want to?)
  21. Blood Drain: Open world. Nearly every mob that is bat-like is affected by this spell. The ones found in The Blind Iron Mines in Lower La Noscea are beneficial. You can enter the zone from Swiftperch, and you’ll see many of them there. Also, Black Bat in Sastasha. Additionally, Sand Bat, level 38 in Cutter’s Cry. You must master this technique to unlock the class level 10 Quest “Blue Collar Work.”
  22. Acorn Bomb: Open world. This spell is derived from Treant Saplings which can be found throughout the Shroud. The densest population can be located near that Honey Yard in the East Shroud. The spell does not have a cast bar; however, you’ll know it was cast by the tree that makes you sleepy.
  23. Bomb Toss: Open world. Goblin Fisher (or Gambler to the south Summerford Farm in Middle La Noscean. Also available at Goblin Outlaws in Central Shroud.
  24. Off guard: Find out five Blue Magic spells and collect the totem. Self-destruct Open world. Glide Bomb – Level 12 within Western Thanalan (27,16), near the Copperbell Mine entrance. Many bomb-type enemies have this, but it’s the most straightforward to obtain. Blasting the Cap trash mob within Copperbell Mines and Flambeau Add in the initial boss fight. Shrapnel in Cutter’s Cry. It can be heard at the same time Cutter’s Call (33), Dragon’s Voice (34), and 1000 Needles (36) in case you require them. Time bomb by Pharos Sirius (Hard); may be available at the same when you buy Aetherial Mimicry (77) Arena Cherry Bomb from Masked Carnivale #8, “Bomb-edy of Errors.”
  25. Transfusion: Learn 20 Blue Magic spells and pick up a totem.
  26. Faze Open world. Qiqirn Shellsweeper – Level 9 Central Thanalan (16,19) or Qiqirn Gullroaster – Level 32 Eastern La Noscea. Also available from several Fates that have Qiqirns within these. You’ll need to master this spell to get access to the Level 30 class Quest “Scream Blue Murder.”
  27. Flying Sardine: Open world. Apkallu 30th level. Eastern La Noscea (27,35) due to the south from Costa Del Sol.
  28. Snort: A synced run of the Dragon’s Neck. Take a 4-tonne weight (26) in the process. Also, you can get Aqua Breath (3) If you’ve never received it at Leviathan (Hard). Take note that Typhon is a great player with a variety of Snort-type abilities. Only the one named “Snort” will work to master this ability, but in contrast to “Severe Snort” or “Snortsault” or “Fungah”. It comes with a cast bar; lookout for it.
  29. 4-tonne Weight: A synced run of the Dragon’s Neck. Ultros isn’t able to cast this spell until approximately an hour into his battle. Get Snort (25) at the same time. Also, you can purchase Aqua Breath (3) If you’re still waiting to get it at Leviathan (Hard).
  30. The look: Synced run of Gubal Library (Hard); Bibliolater mob in the second trash bag contains it. You can pick it up at the exact moment you’ll get Condensed Library (76) along with Magic Hammer (60). If you’d instead not sync this with a friend who is level 80, it’s quick and straightforward to go to the Bibliolater, then kill him and repeat the process in case the spell doesn’t work.
  31. It is also available from the boss who is the last to be killed in Amdapor Keep (Normal)
  32. It can also be obtained by completing an unlocked degree 45 Battlecraft levequest located at St. Coinach’s Find in Mor Dhona. The Denizen of the Dark mob from “Necrologos: The Liminal Ones” includes it. If the level isn’t on the list initially, then take another one and finish it. The next one will show up. Be aware that the drop may not be particular, and you may have to repeat the level several times. It is also available via Valefor in Labyrinth of the Ancients.
  33. Lousy Breath: Open world. Most mortals possess this. The Striper Level and Halistroper Level  are located in Central Shroud around close to the Haukke Manor’s entry point. Also, Stroper level is in South Shroud ,Aurum Vale, Goldvine trash mobs. Take them while you take Glower as well as Sticky Tongue Reflective Rebekkah of Masked Carnivale #19, “On a Clear Day You Can Smell Forever.”
  34. Diamondback: A synced run of Stone Vigil (Hard). The second boss is the one who has it. It’s also available via your Horde Armored Dragon trash mob within the Steps of Faith trial (I suggest unsyncing it). The band is spawned around 3 minutes thirty seconds after the start of the test with only 1. He may be slow in casting an attack, therefore make sure you don’t take him out too quickly. I could solo the Stone Vigil (Hard) at a level 60 Blue up to 2nd boss. I could get the spell quickly, but it was pretty inefficient (about 1 hour to reach Cuca Fera and kill him). Do this only if you cannot find a synced group.
  35. Mighty guard– Find ten magical blue spells and get the totem.
  36. Sticky Tongue: Open World. The majority of “giant toad” type mobs employ this. The easiest way to get it is to obtain it from the Giggling Gigantoads at the same time that you receive Toad Oil (32). It is also possible to get it from Nix mobs in Aurum Vale while you’re on your way to obtaining Glower (10).
  37. Toad Oil: Open World. The Giggling Gigantoads in the northwest of Waking Sands (15,6) There is no cast bar, but you can tell that the toad has used it when it has the “Evasion Up” buff.
  38. Ram’s Voice-You can choose between two similar choices for this. Suppose you’ve completed the initial actions from “A Relic Reborn” and have a decent number of spells. In that case, you can take on in the “A Relic Reborn: The Chimera” trial with a level 60 blue within 5-8 minutes for each run, based on your DPS. (Be sure to use Exuviate since he has numerous status effects.) If you’re not able to get the trail running or aren’t confident about your combat skills on Blue, you could perform an unsynchronized run to Cutter’s Cry, which takes about six minutes for the solo at level 60 Blue, then get it from the boss who is there.
  39. There’s also the option of synchronizing Cutter’s Cry to one-and-done, which is feasible if you can find the group to join. One benefit of using Cutter’s Cry is that various other spells are available from trash mobs in Cutter’s Cry. These include The Blood Drain  is a result of Sand Bats, Self-Destruct from Shrapnel, as well as 1,000 Needles of Sabotender Deserter. If you’re not using any of these spells, this is the perfect time to acquire them. You could also obtain this spell via the North Thanalan FATE “Go-Go Gorgimera” If you manage to find it. Other locations you can obtain this spell are Apademak from Stage 21 Masked Carnivale – Chimera on hot Tin Roof; Azulmagia from Stage 25 Masked Carnivale – Dirty Rotten Azulmagia, And Shadowcourt Hound from Dun Scaith.
  40. Dragon’s Voice: See Ram’s Voice .
  41. Missile: A synced battle run in the Big Keep (NOT Battle on the Big Bridge!). It is also possible to un-sync this, but the chicken transformation makes it slightly annoying for less than four players as well as the rate of drop of the spell could be a bit low.
  42. 1000 Needles: Open world. Sabotender Bailaor 26th level is located in Southern Thanalan (16,15), just outside the central exit of Little Ala Mhigo.
  43. Sabotender Deserter in Cutter’s Cry– It can be obtained simultaneously with receiving the voice of Ram’s Voice, Dragon’s Voice as well Self-Destruct If you play it in sync. You must master this spell to unlock the 40th level Class Quest “Blue Gold.”-Inkjet: A synced run of Sastasha (Hard). The last boss has it. I could play Sastasha (Hard) solo without sync using a Level 60 Blue Mage for this spell without issue.
  44. The Fire Angon– A synchronized run Wanderer’s Palace (Hard) just to the boss. The spell isn’t equipped with a casting bar.
  45. You can also unsync it since it only applies to the boss that you first encounter, so you’ll be able to get several sessions completed in a short time to make the spell drop. This can be performed by yourself using the blue level 60 Mage; however, you must try to carry the Death or Flat Damage spell for the boss since he’s susceptible to them. frau
  46. Moon Flute Complete any of 10 Masked Carnivale stages and get a totem.
  47. Tail Screw: Open world. The level 60 Crag Claw crowds in the river run south to Ala Ghana. It is also possible to get it via a synced or unsynced version in Sastasha (Hard). The first boss is the one who has it.
  48. Mind Blast: Unsynced run with a friend of level 80 to the first boss from Cuff and Cuff of Son (Blaster). The drop is guaranteed. You can also unsync an entire game from Tam Tara (Normal) and receive it from the previous boss. You’ll have to learn this spell to get access to the Class Quest at level 20, “Why They Call It The Blues.”
  49. Shock Strike: A synced run of The Striking Tree (Hard). It is possible to unsync the fight, but you might prefer the Extreme version if you can because the drop rate of the spell is higher when you use this Extreme version. Also, the spell does not have a bar to cast it; it’s the tank-buster.
  50. Glass Dance: Unsyncled sequences in Akh Afah the Amphitheatre (Extreme). This spell is only located only in the Extreme version of the fight. The drop rate that is not synced isn’t great; however, it is a brutal fight to sync to Blue Mage. This spell doesn’t have a casting bar; it’s the broad arch of ice arrows Shiva employs to signal that she is bowing. The bow attack is finished.
  51. Veil of the Whorl: A synced run of Whorleater (Hard). This spell does not have a cast bar; it’s the buff Levi uses on himself to absorb the damage. It is possible to unsync the fight, but you might prefer the Extreme version if you can since the drop rate of the spell seems to be higher when you use this Extreme version. It is also possible to pick up Aqua Breath (3) in this fight.
  52. Alpine Draft: Open World. The level 60 Griffins are located on Coldwind Island, just NW of Ok’Zundu (8,8). Other gryphons are situated in this area to take the spell, but they’re farther away from the main. It is also possible to obtain this spell from the previous chief in Dusk Vigil if you need to.
  53. Protean Wave: Synced Raid, Alexander: The Arm of the Father (T3).
  54. It is also available through its counterpart, the Shikigami in The Undertow, during The Act Two from “Red Fraught and Blue”, The fight with the number 29 at the end of the Masked Carnivale. (Actually, there is a way to obtain it through his waterspout additions, and you don’t need to kill them to get it. I’ve done it this way!) However, I wouldn’t recommend trying to master this spell through this fight as it is the most brutal fight of the Carnivale right now.
  55. Northerlies: Open World. Lone Yeti, Level 51, Coerthan Western Highlands (20,31) or Slate Yeti level 56, both in the same region in (17,27).
  56. You’ll need to master this spell to unlock the class level 53 Quest “Something Borrowed, Something Blue.”
  57. Electrogenesis: Open World. Level 50 Conodonts in the Sea of Clouds. There’s a set at (25,33) as well as a number located at (32,35). Do not confuse Defibrillate (not the type of spell you’re looking for) by Electrogenesis.
  58. Kaltstrahl: Unsync run of Alexander: The Fist of the Father (A1). Like Aetherial Mimicry, the spell does not drop from The boss but the trash mob just ahead of it. It is also dropped by the boss (Faust) as well as Faust’s ads. It is easily obtained by entering with a friend who is level 80 and let Faust summon ads. Kill them until the spell disappears, then take out Faust.
  59. The Sturm Dolls from Alexander: Cuff of the Father (A2) also feature it.
  60. Abyssal Transfixion Unsynced or Synced Haukke Hard. It is dropped in the boss’s second level. Hauke (Hard) is unsynchronized easily using an unlocked Level 60 single Blue Mage.
  61. This Arch Demon final boss in the level 58 Ishgard levequest “Necrologos: His Treasure Forhelen” can be able to drop the spell, but it’s not guaranteed, and if he doesn’t drop it, you’ll need to take the truck all towards Ishgard and then pick up the quest to re-run it. I’ve heard that allowing him to cast the spell five times or more before killing him increases the odds of receiving the item the first time; however, I’m not sure if it’s true. This.
  62. Obtaining this spell from the Great Gubal Library is somewhat tricky, particularly when you sync it. The spell is not likely to show up on the boss that you killed even if you’ve done everything correctly. To see this spell, you need not fail the three-circle mechanic so that at the very least, at least one ad will spawn. The idea of letting both ads generate when playing dungeon synced is precarious, so I suggest letting just one spawn. You must then remain patient and wait as the spell is cast before killing the ad while trying to avoid the main boss’s attacks. The spell does come with an ability to launch; however, it’s swift and straightforward to miss.
  63. Aetherial mimicry Unsynced runs towards the boss, the initial boss in Pharos Sirius (Hard). This spell is simple to acquire with a level 80 companion. It’s dropped from the initial boss’s ads. So, simply allow the ads to appear (touch the spiders or birds and drop the rope onto their bodies) and take them down in succession until the spell is gone and then kill the boss. It typically falls quickly. It doesn’t have a cast bar, but the ads use it each time their tether changes, so it’s impossible to miss it.
  64. Surpanakha: A synced run of Thok Ast Thok (Hard). He will not use the ability until the end of the battle, and you must ensure that you don’t fall off because you aren’t refrozen and will never get the ability!
  65. Quasar: A synced run of Containment Bay P1T6 (Sophia.)
  66. Eerie Soundwave: Open world. Level 59 Empuse in Azys Lla (30, 16). It is located in the northernmost part of the area.
  67. Pom Cure This is available by going to Thornmarch (Hard) with an unsynchronized Blue Mage of level 60. Allow Furryfoot Kupli Kipp to cast the spell and then take him down. If the spell hasn’t been learned, you can reset the situation by letting the moogles take your place and then attempt again.
  68. J Kick: A synced run of Alexander: The Burden of the Son (A8). J Kick has no cast bar. This is the method he makes when he jumps out of nowhere and destroys the entire group, not the more modest jump he employs when fighting. Be aware that you can’t gain Perpetual Ray (69) in Onslaughter because it is not the case that he will “die” during the fight; thus, there is no chance to master it. However, he does possess the ability.
  69. AvailA synced run of St. Mocianne’s Arboretum. The second boss is the one who is the one who has it.
  70. Frog Legs: Open world. Level 59 Poroggo is located in the Hinterlands (12,34), found near Matoya’s cave. Keep yourself in melee range to make the mobs cast the spell you’d like (the circle AOE surrounding them.) If you remain in the melee range, they’ll continue to pelt you with water.
  71. You’ll need to master this spell to unlock the 60th Class level Quest “Blue Scream of Death.”
  72. Sonic Boom: Open world. The level is 59. Anzu mobs are in The Sea of Clouds (21,6). The spell does not have a cast bar; however, you can tell it has been cast when it places a Windburn DoT on you.
  73. You can pick this off from a few garbage mobs in Pharos Sirius (standard) if you do not have it when you visit to pick up Song of Torment (9) and Flying Frenzy (4).
  74. Whistle: Open world. Duhamel, Level 56, The Sea of Clouds (16,32). It has a cast bar that gives a blue damage boost for the Duhamel.
  75. You’ll need to master this spell to unlock the 55th level class Quest “Bolt from the Blue.”
  76. White Knight’s Tour: A synced run of the Vault. Spells are available out of The White Knight trash mob. Take The Black Knight’s Tour (66) at the same time.
  77. Black Knight’s Tour: A synced run of the Vault. Spells are available out of The Black Knight rubbish mob. Get White Knight’s Tour (66) simultaneously, Of course.
  78. Perpetual Ray: A synced run of Alexander: The Burden of the Father (A4). It is important to note that you cannot study this spell from Alexander”The Burden of The Son” (A8), and the Onslaughter uses it, but the Onslaughter does not “die”, so there’s no chance to master the spell.
  79. Coastguard: A synced run of Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard). It’s the “Guardia” add on the second boss makes use of it. It doesn’t have a cast bar, but he does use it instantly when he spawns, so you won’t be able to miss it.
  80. Revolt Blast Learn 50 blue spells and collect a totem.
  81. Level 5 death Unsynced Run of Gubal Library with a level 80 companion. This spell originates from “Page 64” mobs, and there are five in the dungeon. So you’ll have five chances to master the attack on an unsynchronized run. Be aware that to get Page 64 to cast this spell, you should be aggressive and move away from the area or around the corner. So long as you’re within melee range, it is prolonged to cast it.
  82. It is also possible to do this synced up to about a quarter past the first boss. This is where is the very first Page 64 mob appears.
  83. It is also possible to get Abyssal Transfixion (55) from the dungeon, but it’s a bit difficult to obtain, so I don’t suggest it.
  84. It is essential to note that this magic spell is incredible even though it NEVER works on mechanical devices (robots, mammets, robots, and Magitek weapons.)
  85. Launcher: A synced run of Baelsar’s Wall. The second boss also is the one who has it.
  86. Angel Whisper: Complete all thirty stages in the Carnivale of Masked, and take a totem.
  87. Exuviation It can be learned globally by visiting Abalathian Wamoura, Level 57-58, located in the Sea of Clouds (10, 17) (just south of Ok’Zundu.) Exuviation can be a group healing spell, so getting the monsters to cast the spell can help aggravate another mob within the area and then damage it. Then, bring it in the reach to the Wamoura and then attack the Wamoura. Only two creatures within the area can drop this spell; however, they appear very fast.
  88. It is also possible to obtain this spell from the Wamoura garbage mobs of The Lost City of Amdapor If you’d rather. It can be got in the same way with Devour (75), Loom (7) as well as Eerie Soundwave (75) in one synced run through this dungeon if you’d like.
  89. You must master this spell to get access to the Level 58 Class Quest “Blue in the Face.”
  90. Reflux: Open world. Cloud Wyverns in the Churning Mists (24,29). There are only two of these mobs within the entire zone. However, the good news is that they appear almost immediately after they’ve been killed.
  91. It is also available by synchronizing the Aery. In the second fight, Rangda is the one who drops it.
  92. Devour: A synced run of the Lost City of Amdapor. It is dropped off by the second boss and comes with no cast bar. However, the player utilizes it when swallowing somebody. If you play this synced, you will also be able to get Loom (7), Exuviate (73), along Eerie Soundwave (57) in one visit.
  93. You can also purchase this by contacting the head in the Coil of Bahamut at Turn 1 Caduceus. There is no cast bar.
  94. Condensed Library Unsynced or Synced version of Gubal Library (Hard). The spell can be found on the Mechanoscribe minions in the area right before you meet the boss at the end. Five Mechanoscribes are within the area, so there are five chances to cast this spell if you enter without sync, which is high odds. However, ensure that you let them cast their spells as they will be slow. If you go into a synced run, you could also get Magic Hammer (60) from the Amanda located right near the Mechanoscribes. There’s only one chance to obtain it, so it isn’t easy to unsync it. In the end, I would suggest a synced run instead of the unsynchronized Magic Hammer (60). You could also get The Look (27) from the Bibliolater trash mob that is in the second mob pack from the beginning, and you’ll only find one of them and a synced version is your best bet.
  95. You can pick this at the Mechanoscribe during Act 2 of Masked Carnivale battle number 24, “Amazing Technicolor Pit Fiends”. This isn’t a guarantee to be dropped, however.
  96. Song of Torment: A synced run of Pharos Sirius (average.) The boss in the last game comes with this. You can get it at the same when you obtain Flying Frenzy (4).
  97. It is possible to run unsynchronized on your blue level of 60 without too much of a problem. However, you’ll only get one chance for each spell this time, so sync is recommended unless you cannot get an entire group.
  98. Chirp: Open world. Level 50 Paisa in the Sea of Clouds around (19,35).
  99. Glower;Unsynced is running through Aurum Vale to the second boss. Even without sync, it seems to have an unbeatable drop rate and is easily defeated using the Blue Mage level 60. When you’re within Aurum Vale, you can also get the Bad Breath (28) in the goldmines and the Sticky Tongue (31) from the Nether Nix if you need these.

You must master this spell to unlock the 50th level Class Quest “The Real Folk Blues.”


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